Sunday, August 14, 2011

August 8, 2011

That is so awesome that Chris and Suzette moved in so close! that means we will have some more hawks in the family!!!! YA!!! Tell that to Sarah and Aunt Jodi, haha no tell them i love them!

I'm feeling good today i had a bit of a stomach ache but it went away and I'm pretty much 100 percent otherwise. and my comp is doing well he has therapy 3 times a week in the morning at 530 and i get to stay at the house with the other missionaries while he leaves. and i need to remember to walk slower because he cant walk fast and i like to walk fast. so that's something i need to work on.

Funny story, last night we have to pass numbers at 830 and we were teaching this awesome family that we just found and they are really interested and they are married!!!! but were talking to them about the book of Mormon and they thought that we didn't read the bible and so we were explaining this to them we finished and it was 900 usually we have till 930 if we are in a lesson, we said the pray and we were like we have to go like now, and they told us no you have to stay and have some manzanilla and some bread and ham, we told them we were really late and we had to go, they said nope you have to stay so we ate really really fast and had to run home!!! I forgot a part they first offered us coffee and we explained to them that we don't drink that. OK we got home at 925 elder Ochoa our district leader was mad! we hurried and passed him the numbers and he passed them to the leaders de zona. and then he asked us where we were and we told him we met this family that was supper cool and they were MARRIED! and so he cooled down. but to mess with him we told him that we drank coffee because they offered it to us..... he believed us hahaha.... he started saying you guys made covenants and that we cant go to the temple and we were like shoot what do we do elder Ochoa can we talk to the president? we were pretty god actors but i don't think that we should have joked about something like that but it was really funny! we finally told him and he was a little mad still because he believed was hilarious!

But this week me and my companion are trying to work on how we can be guided by the spirit more. that is what we are studying and we are trying to make our prayers more sincere, because that is what we are teaching to the investigators and we need to apply that to us. and we aer also trying to better the way we contact people, by not being robots and asking questions that make the people think about our message.

I'm definitely learning from my companion. he was a little quiet when he first got here and so i had to strike up the conversations and before the mish i was not really good at that but that is something that i am learning. how to just talk to the people and gain their confidence. and my companion is stepping out of his shell. and we are learning together because i only have a little more time than him and i don't know everything.

well I love you guys and I'm happy everything is going great.

I'm happy that you are doing this and riding your bike. tell Jared to put some training wheels on his bike haha (Jared flew off his bike so Jacob was getting after him.) jk tell him i love him and everyone else too
Elder sawyer

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