Wednesday, March 30, 2011

First day of teaching

Hey mom,
thank you for the email!!! when i read that Aunt yvonne passed away i wanted to cry, but youre right she is happier where she is right now. i loved them so much. and then when i read where my friends are going i got really excited for them! we will all come back and speak spanish to each other. And Ryan to Oregon. cool!

we went proselytting on saturday and that was the coolest experience ever!! we went with Elder Prince from utah, he was born in AZ and is related to some judds you probably know some haha. he had about 3 months to go until he returned home. It was awesome to learn from him he was awesom. he said my spanish was pretty good, he said when he first got out he could only say that the book of mormon was true and in a really bad gringo accent. and now he speaks like a native. so i think that there is hope for me. we knocked on a lot of doors and 4 families let us cme in and teach them. the first one was a mom and her 3 little kids and we thought that they were leaving but we decided to talk to them anyways. they llet us in and we taught them about the book of mormon and i think that she felt something it went really well. i was pretty scared but i taught a little bit. we asked them if they knew anyone else that would like to hear our message and they said that theyre neighors would like to hear it so we went upstairs to theyre vecinos and it was a man and his son, the son brian was 15 and he was so tall! we taught them a little about families and about the restoration and i told the part about joseph smith and the spirit was really strong that story brings the spirit. the 3rd people that we taught, i think it was the maid that opened the door and let us in and then we taught her a little bit and then the owner of the house came and we taught him too. it went well and we gave them a book of mormon but genisis, the maid, was catholic and she didnt know anything about prophets in the bible and i thought that was a little odd. the last guys was really cool. we taught him about the restoration and he was catholic he asked if we had any saints or anything that we pray to we told him we only pray to God. it was really cool because he said he didnt like how the catholic chuch had all of these saints and he thought that we should only pray to God. and a lot of the other stuff that we talked about he was in agreement with and it just maid sense to him it was really cool. i think that we was really interested in the book of mormon. his name was jose antonio, me and elder quiroga pretty much taught that lesson and the missionary jumped in every once in a while but i think that it was a big accomplishment that we taught most of that lesson. im getting a new companion today he is from guatemala he hasnt arrived yet and we are going on a tour of lima at 12 so ill take some pics and send them next week. thanks for your pics i really enjoyed them. oh and i met and elder from nicaragua and he knew trevor ward, i thought that was really cool!!! i promise to write a bigger letter next time im sorry. i havent recieved your letters but im hoping they come some time this week.

elder sawyer

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

March 23, 2011


How is everyone doing? I love you all and miss you all A LOT! I dont think that i need a matress cover they have one for us here at the ccm. i got some mail from you guys, finally, on monday. i dont like how it takes a long time! I cant believe jordan is going to missouri and cody is getting his call. thanks for the scripture in omni! i love it! Jared is making ice cream? i remember doing that.i hope you liked the pics!
I sent that to see if you could get on and talk to me or something. i just got back from the temple it was pretty good. and i bought a tie with a llama on it. time is flying by my companion leaves in a week. he is going to lima going to miss him. tomorrow i go to interpol so that its legal for me to stay here in peru. I was glad to get a letter from each of you. i enjoy reading them. i think that we should start communicating more via email because it takes so lonng to recieve mail. keep sending the mail but it might be better because i get it faster. we go out to nock on doors, for reals, on saturday i think that it is going to be fun! i cant wait. but im a little nervous. Im glad to hear that dad has a lot of work. that is good, but bad that he isnt home as much, i remember that.
i can understand a lot and so i dont need the head phones during sacrament or anything. but i used them for the temple today. im learning a lot everyday!
i have a minute left. ill talk to you next week. ill try to do the same thing so we can talk to each other

I love you mom! thank you for all of your support, i miss you a lot! i think im a little home sick but hopefully ill be alright. tell iveryone i love them!

Today for some reason it worked out that Jacob and I were on at the same time. Here is what he wrote today. Who would ever think that a mom would be home sick for her kids? Meagan is gone. Jacob is gone. Jared is here so at least it's not triple the homesick for my kids. If you read this, please know everything is fine we're just missing everyone. :)

Saturday, March 19, 2011

March 13, 2011

Dear Family,

Well it's Sunday afternoon and I have some free time so I thought I'd write you guys. It's awesome here. It's summer still and so it's hot and humid but it's not too bad. It cools down in the evening and mornings. The CCM is muy bonita. There's a little courtyard in the middle and there is a basketball court and there is a really nice Cancha de fu'tboll with Astro turf. That is what everyone does during physical time. It's fun but I'm getting sunburned playing out in the sun with my short hair.

The food is amazing. I haven't had anything that I haven't liked. It's all good. We eat a lot of rice, always white, with some kind of meat, there is always some kind of soup and appetizer, either a salad or a torta and there is always some kind of potatoes and some kind or dessert. There is always some kind of jugo. Sometimes it's good and sometimes it's weird. Like they had Cantaloupe juice. It was nasty but it's probably because I don't like cantaloupes.

I think I'm learning Spanish pretty fast. I can understand most of what my companions are saying, but I can understand everything my teachers say because they speak slowly. My companions are always willing to help. I say "Como se dice eso?" and they tell me what it is and I write it down.

We went to the TRC and it's different here. In Provo, we go to different rooms and we all teach but here we go into a room and we watch 2 or 3 companionships teach. All in Spanish and they had me translate into English for the Norte Americanos. They have headphones so that they can know what is going on. Well you'll get my e-mail before you get this letter. But I Love you all!!!

~Elder Sawyer

PS-The return address is the address to the CCM so you don't have to use the pouch. And don't send packages to the CCM. It costs a butt load. If you do, just send them to my mission address.

We got this letter today! We think that is pretty fast! We love how he busts into Spanish every now and then. Spending time with his Abi when he was a little chapirito has paid off. He has now been out more than a month. It has really flown for us and I think it is flying for him. We are very grateful for the opportunity he has to serve.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A busy wonderful P-Day!

Alright i figured out how to send some pics. hopefully there will be more to come. today is my pday and its been pretty eventful. my companion, who is awesome by the way, didnt go through the temple before he got here so i got to be his escort, and that was an awesome experience! the temple here is smaller then what im used to there was only about 20 people in each session.and i forgot to ask for the headphones so i listened to the whole thing in spanish. i understood most/some of it. my companions de caurto are awesome! they are always willing to teach me stuff that i dont know, my spanish is definately getting better! im starting to be able to role my Rs which i couldnt do do before, and the trc is different in provo. in provo we all seperated and taught different people and here we are all in one room and there is something like a stage and everyone watches you teach wich has its advantages and disadvantages. Everything is in spanish here the teachers know very little english so we have to be able to use and understand spanish. and in the TRC I had to translate for the gringos. i wore a headseat and translated what they were teaching and what the teachers were saying. it was a different experience. We had to ride the bus to the temple and that was pretty crazy, i dont think you would like it mom. you would have your brake on the whole time, and the bus was crammed full. And the coolest thing happened after the temple we went to Tottus, a store, and after we were going to catch the bus and then this hermano and su novia comes and talkt to us and i understood most of it i think. they were having problems, the girlfriend had been a member for a year, and i think they were trying to get ready to get married and anyways they were having some sort or problem and so my companion told that in spanish that satan knows that if they go to the temple they will be strong members of the church and with the spirit and he doesnt want them to go but if they do they will be blessed, basically, and i testified that the words that my companion said had power and i really dont remember what i said, and then they talked some more and i should have opened my mouth one more time but didnt i dont know why i didnt because i know i was supposed to. so next time im just going to open my mouth and trust that the lord will fill my mouth. after we talked to them there mood changed and they were smiling were before they were crying. i hope it helped. well i love you all and my time is about up so ill send this before it runs out LOVE YOU!!!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Getting Reay to Go!

March 8, 2011

Dear Family,
I'm getting ready to go, gettin' all packed up. I definitely packed better when I first left but everything is under 50 lbs. so it's all good. Speaking of lbs., I weighed myself the other day and I've gained almosht 10 lbs. SCARY huh! So I'm growing spiritually as well as physically. Haha
I wrote a big email today and I'm trying to think of stuff that I forgot to say. Tonight we have a devotional. I think that it's really cool that we have one right before I leave. I'm so excited to go but I'm going to miss it here at the same time. I think that I'm going to learn Spanish su much faster, even though I've already learned so much already. I have some more pics that I've taken on my camera that I need to send home, so we'll see how that works down there. I'm glad that you liked the ones that I sent you. My name tag broke so I'm getting it replaced so I'm going to send the broken one back home. I hope that you like it!
Love Elder Sawyer

-Never mind. They wouldn't let me keep my broken name tag which is DUMB!! OH WELL. Love you

That way nobody impersonates Elder Sawyer. hahaha

Thursday, March 10, 2011

First Day in Peru and...a hair cut!

hey since this is my first day here i get to email again. sweet!!
it felt like yesterday i was on a plane all day. that's probably because i was! well when we finally got to lima things got a bit interesting. i forgot my backpack on the plane and so me and my companions had to go to the delta counter and have someone bring it up. but we also forgot to pick up our bags at the baggage claim so they had to escort us back through security and they had to search us but we finally got back there and we had to wait in a long line because elder estrada lost his bag so we had to fill out some papers. so we ended up not getting here till 230am. we unloaded our stuff off the bus and went strait to our rooms to sleep. my comanions name is elder quiroga he is from argentina. he has a different accent and its hard to understand but i think ill pick it up. we still had to get up at 630 and we had breakfast at 7 and then we had interviews with the presidency and we had to fill out some paperwork and give them our passports and then... they shaved our heads. i like my headshaved so i´m not complaining. today we pretty much have all day to get acclimated to lima we can take naps and unpack and stuff. then tonight i think we have a welcome fireside. we just ate lunch and i had some kind of meat and rice with bread and some kinda root or potatoe it twas pretty darn good. but i have to be carefull because if you don´t clean your plate you get some dirty looks. we were told when we got here that the food might not agree with us so, we should eat more rice or drink more juice depending on which side of the spectrum you are on. haha its definately different from the united states, but i think i´m going to like it.they gave us some addresses that you can send mail to:
Elder jacob levi sawyer
lima west mission
av. melgarejo 159.
urb. campo verde
la molina, lima, peru.
everything is great here and i cant wait to start my journey here. i can see why people have described this place as a prison the walls are really high. but its definately a lot newer than the one in provo. my pdays are on wednesday so i thinks thats when i can email you again. and on mondays are when mail goes out. its summer here so i´m breaking out the short sleeve shirts, its hot! i´m so glad i got to talk to you guys yesterday. i love you all and i´ll talk to you later. wish me luck with espaƱol. haha
-Elder Sawyer

Getting ready to head to Peru!

I got a letter from the stevens and they sent pics it was sweet!
On Tue, Mar 8, 2011 at 1:35 PM, Jacob Sawyer
Hey Everyone,
Well i'm not sick anymore i got over it pretty fast. I'm getting ready to head out for Peru tomorrow i already have my laundry done and everything. I just need to pack. i'm going to try to call you before i leave salt Lake, hopefully around 8, but if not i'll call you when i get to ATL before i go to Peru. I guess i'll figure it out tomorrow, i'll just call mom's cell. Well this week has been bomb! we taught the first lesson in spanish in the Training Center, where members come and we teach them lessons. it went pretty good for the first time, i felt like we were teaching a lesson and not an investigator but we talked about it and we definately learned from it and we'll do better next time! It's going to be hard to say goodbye to my companions and my district, Elder Namazi went home this week, he had to let his knee recover and hopefully he can come back out. it was hard to say goodbye, I feel like these Elders are part of my family now! One of them is coming to the MTC in Peru with me so that will be fun! I got your package and it was awesome!!!!! I loved it i;ll probably open the sparkling cider tonight before i leave. I don't think that it will come that fast anymore now that i'm going to be out of the country for the first time. So make sure you tell cody the new address for Peru, I think that is going to be a little tricky i hope that dear Elder knows that i'm going to be in Peru so they can send me all your letters. Sunday was pretty awesome, the missionaries that leave this week all got up and sang " yo se que vive mi senor" it was soooooo good and Powerful. i didn't sing because i still wasn't sure if i was for sure going and they had already practiced and stuff. but the Branch Pres thought it was amazing and powerfull so he had us audition for the musical number at the farewell devotional for all of the missionaries that left this week. and he popped his head into our classroom and told me that they needed me he must have been guided by the spirit or something because i'm not a good singer but that song definately means a lot to me now it was so awesome! they ended up letting us sing even tho we were supper late on auditioning. I'm so glad that the Branch Pres told me to come with them, He is an awesome man!! His name is President Craig he video taped us singing when we were practicing and he said he'd put it on Facebook so hopefully you can find him so you can see it, he used to be the mission president for the Tempe mission in AZ. This week in class we watched this talk given by Elder Holland " the miracle of a mission" or something like that. It was given a long time ago but it's awesome because it still applies today. He is so gung-ho about missionary work and that's exactly the way it should be, This is the Lords Time! He said it's going to be hard But why should it be easy because soo many people have payed such a high price for this church to be on this earth and The Savior has paid a greater price then them all. No Body ever said it'd be easy! But he also said that It's going to be t he best Time of my life and it'll take hard work but it'll be the best work i've ever done.I truly believe that! I know that this is where i'm supposed to be and if i didn't go i'd have so many regrets. That's another thing that's been a big theme at most of the devotionals, DON'T leave this work with ANY regrets! I had an interview with one of my Teachers HErmano Quintana and he said to make the best of it while i'm here, because where i'm at right now and the work i'm doing and the people i'm here with, this will never happen again! I 'm so greatful for everything that's happened to me this week i've grown so much! I hope i continue to grow. I hope all of this makes sense, i've been typing like a mad man to try to get this done in 30 min. If i forget anything ill send a letter home. I love you all! Thank you for supporting me on this Journey!
Elder Jacob Sawyer

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Flight Complete!

Elder Sawyer called this morning from the Salt Lake City, UT airport en route to Peru via Atlanta. We just checked his flight status and he is now on the ground in Lima, Peru! He loved the Provo MTC. He said it was hard to leave those people there because they were like family. He used some of Grandma's quarters (Grandma Bryce gives every missionary a tin of quarters for laundry and various other things that might need a quarter or so.).

He bore his testimony in Spanish to us. Soon we won't understand his English.

Friday, March 4, 2011

P-Day Pictures

Elder Flood and Elder Sawyer

A trip to the temple in the snow

The Provo Temple

Left to right
Me, Elder Flood, Elder Pina, Elder Ocaranza, Elder Aguirre
Elder Munoz, Elder Pack
They are in advanced they came the same day as us and they live on the same floor as us.
Elder Sawyer and Elder Flood

Name tag in the snow.

Before we left Arizona

I'm standing next to Elder Rapier. I had no idea we would be rooming together and on the far right is Elder Wright. He is going to Peru but not the same mission as me and he is in beginning Spanish so he isn't in my district.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A little under the weather

Hey Guys what's up? I've been sick the last couple of days and that pretty much sucks!!!! just a stuffy nose and a cough but it's no bueno! I took some pics of our first temple walk and i'm going to mail them to you today. they're pretty good. It takes about like 3 days for my pictures to print so that's why i didn't send any last time. I got my travel plans the other day so that I can go to peru. It turns out that I am leaving as planned on the 9th. I leave at like 6:55am and i fly to Atlanta and then from there I fly to Peru and I will arive around 12pm Bleh! but hopefully i sleep the whole way!!! There are two elders in my district leaving on the same day to the Peru Mtc but we are on different flights ...!! they are pretty funny guys. There is another Elder on my Floor that is from Peru and I showed him the map and he pointed out where he was from. he lived in Lima but not in my mission he lived on the south end. He told me that there were a lot of Robbers and that i should be careful with my wallet and camera and to never cary more money than i need. That kinda freaked me out but I think it'll be alright i'll just teach them the gospel in my Broken spanish haha. I'm so excited to finally leave!! I love the MTC but we do the same thing everyday and i'm ready for a change! that probably sounds bad! but i didn't mean it that way. I got your package, it came on sat. but i didn't get it till monday because the post office closed early on sat and it wasn't open on sunday. I LOVE THE COOKIES!!! They made my day!! It's snowed a couple times since i've been here, i miss the weather in AZ, but i haven't had to use my heavy coat yet. I read some of the eamails that you sent me but i only have 30 min so i mostly just skimmed. some of the elders that are going to mexico are getting reasigned because there visas aren't in yet. but i don't think that will happen to my companion because he doesn't leave for like 8 more weeks. Being sick sucks! but we had an awesome fireside on sunday about "Turbulance" and some missionaries shared what they were going through and being sick is nothing to what they are going through. there was one elder who's parents were thinking about getting a divorce before he left, i felt so bad for him! and otheres had trouble with the language and some of the usual stuff. But his advice was to CHILL OUT! and that's what coach vee has basically been telling us for 4 years" Suck it up" so i'm used to it. we started to teach in spanish already, the first lesson only. We taught a lesson to some elders in another district that has been here like 2 weeks more that us. I felt pretty good about my spanish, i felt that we were on the same level as the elders that had been there longer. atleast the elders that we taught. This week the biggest thing that i've learned is how to focus my study. I learned that i should focus my study on one thing, our investigators, or while in the MTC our fake Investigators. haha I learned to simplify my lessons so that i can give the lesson in like 20 to 30 min. I think that after what i learned this week i will be more productive with my study and i will learn a lot more. I Love you all! and Look forward to hearing from you this week! Let me know how everything is going!

Elder Sawyer

I replied that he needs to get rid of the s...ks word.