Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A busy wonderful P-Day!

Alright i figured out how to send some pics. hopefully there will be more to come. today is my pday and its been pretty eventful. my companion, who is awesome by the way, didnt go through the temple before he got here so i got to be his escort, and that was an awesome experience! the temple here is smaller then what im used to there was only about 20 people in each session.and i forgot to ask for the headphones so i listened to the whole thing in spanish. i understood most/some of it. my companions de caurto are awesome! they are always willing to teach me stuff that i dont know, my spanish is definately getting better! im starting to be able to role my Rs which i couldnt do do before, and the trc is different in provo. in provo we all seperated and taught different people and here we are all in one room and there is something like a stage and everyone watches you teach wich has its advantages and disadvantages. Everything is in spanish here the teachers know very little english so we have to be able to use and understand spanish. and in the TRC I had to translate for the gringos. i wore a headseat and translated what they were teaching and what the teachers were saying. it was a different experience. We had to ride the bus to the temple and that was pretty crazy, i dont think you would like it mom. you would have your brake on the whole time, and the bus was crammed full. And the coolest thing happened after the temple we went to Tottus, a store, and after we were going to catch the bus and then this hermano and su novia comes and talkt to us and i understood most of it i think. they were having problems, the girlfriend had been a member for a year, and i think they were trying to get ready to get married and anyways they were having some sort or problem and so my companion told that in spanish that satan knows that if they go to the temple they will be strong members of the church and with the spirit and he doesnt want them to go but if they do they will be blessed, basically, and i testified that the words that my companion said had power and i really dont remember what i said, and then they talked some more and i should have opened my mouth one more time but didnt i dont know why i didnt because i know i was supposed to. so next time im just going to open my mouth and trust that the lord will fill my mouth. after we talked to them there mood changed and they were smiling were before they were crying. i hope it helped. well i love you all and my time is about up so ill send this before it runs out LOVE YOU!!!

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  1. Oh love Elder Sawyer. Love his stories.
    Aunt Jo