Wednesday, March 23, 2011

March 23, 2011


How is everyone doing? I love you all and miss you all A LOT! I dont think that i need a matress cover they have one for us here at the ccm. i got some mail from you guys, finally, on monday. i dont like how it takes a long time! I cant believe jordan is going to missouri and cody is getting his call. thanks for the scripture in omni! i love it! Jared is making ice cream? i remember doing that.i hope you liked the pics!
I sent that to see if you could get on and talk to me or something. i just got back from the temple it was pretty good. and i bought a tie with a llama on it. time is flying by my companion leaves in a week. he is going to lima going to miss him. tomorrow i go to interpol so that its legal for me to stay here in peru. I was glad to get a letter from each of you. i enjoy reading them. i think that we should start communicating more via email because it takes so lonng to recieve mail. keep sending the mail but it might be better because i get it faster. we go out to nock on doors, for reals, on saturday i think that it is going to be fun! i cant wait. but im a little nervous. Im glad to hear that dad has a lot of work. that is good, but bad that he isnt home as much, i remember that.
i can understand a lot and so i dont need the head phones during sacrament or anything. but i used them for the temple today. im learning a lot everyday!
i have a minute left. ill talk to you next week. ill try to do the same thing so we can talk to each other

I love you mom! thank you for all of your support, i miss you a lot! i think im a little home sick but hopefully ill be alright. tell iveryone i love them!

Today for some reason it worked out that Jacob and I were on at the same time. Here is what he wrote today. Who would ever think that a mom would be home sick for her kids? Meagan is gone. Jacob is gone. Jared is here so at least it's not triple the homesick for my kids. If you read this, please know everything is fine we're just missing everyone. :)

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