Sunday, February 12, 2012

November 28, 2011

Good morning mom and Family!

This week has been an awesome week the family vega lopez got married on sunday and the wife has a baptism date for the 10 of december and we are still working with the dad haha. i think hell come around. we are really stoked that they got married it was really stressfull with all of the papers they had to fill out and everything but they did it! and this week we have 2 baptisms of two girls and that should be awesome we have a noche de hogar with them tonight and i think we are going to share the video the testaments with them. it should be really good and yesterday we had the primary program in our ward and these little girls participated it was really cool! it was a little different then our primary programs, the kids werent as reverent, but it was still really cool!.

We lost contact with rodrigo this week and he didnt come to church but this week si o si we have to find him to see whats going on.
the ward we are in is puente piedra and the ward where obispo pedro is at is faucett.

This weekend we had a service project with the whole mission and with the central and the north mission. we painted some posts on the highway and cleaned up a little bit it was really cool, it reminded me a little about when i did my eagle project, but my eagle project was 10 times harder than painting some posts. haha but it was still really awesome!

I cant believe that they realined the boundries! Wow! I can't believe that the Garners and the Hales aren't in out ward! What in the world is going on! Please tell them that I Love them! Man things are going to be different when i get back!! When will the Gilbert Temple be done? Do they have a day or a month when they think it will be done?

I hope that you all had a great Thanksgiving! Wish i could have been there! haha but im glad im here on the mission! well I love you All
Elder Sawyer

November 21, 2011

Dear mom,

WHAT IN THE WORLD IS GOING ON? i got off before you sent me your last email last week so i had no idea that you had a bum knee. ARE YOU OK? why do you have a bum knee? what did you do? MOm im so sorry that you fell! where was jared why didnt he go with you? Im a little disapointed that i didnt know last week! But im really glad that you had a great doctor and that everything went well. Did you get to keep a copy of your surgery? i have mine i need to send that home. its really cool, if you didnt ask chris to give you one. and dont do anything to crazy with out telling me!!!!

ya 32x32 im losing a little weight climbing the hills. so im still 32x32 but make sure they are a relaxed fit haha im a little husky.( like chunky monkey hahaha)

well i sent you some photos one foto is me outside our apartment and you cant tell but its raining its the biggest rain ive seen here in peru but its still just a little sprinkle. and the other is of me and a cuy( guinea pig) our pensionista has cuy and the had babies and that one is about 3 days old. its pretty cool.

we are still teaching rodrigo but he hasnt come to church yet but he said he wants to be baptized on the 10th but he has to come to church first! and this sunday there is a couple that are going to get married and then they can get baptized so well see how that turns out. all there papers are in they just have to go to the municipalidad and theyre hitched! haha

we didnt have cambios so im still here with elder villalba which is really good and we will be here until after christmas and so we are looking forward to that.

Well i love you all a lot! Don't get anymore surgeries anytime soon! haha

Elder Sawyer

Happy Birthday, Elder Sawyer! Photos Nov 14 2011

November 14, 2011

Dear Family,

How is everyone? I hope everything is going great!

Happy Birthday to Meagan! what kind of cake did you guys eat?

My birthday was pretty awesome here in peru! our pensionista bought a cake for me and the whole family and the other elders in our apartment sang and we ate cake and drank pepsi. it was really fun! the cake was really good! it had manjar blanco i dont know what that is in english, but its kinda similar to nutella but its not, it has a different taste...idk. it was really good. and the mission sends a little box of candy to each missionary that has his birthday and in the reunion de distrito the leaders de zona bought a cake also it was really awesome my first birthday in the mission I cant believe that im 20 that is so weird and meagan is 18 what in the heck!!!!

Well this week we have cambios I dont know yet if im going to stay with elder villalba or if one of us will leave, we will find out after internet. but i dont think that we are going to get changed because we only have 4 semanas together. but well see.

We have 2 baptismal dates for the 3 de december. they are 2 girls of 9 and 11 their mom is member but is inactiv but yesterday they all came to church it was really cool! and they have another sister that is member but she goes to a different church and we still havent talked to her but the rest of the family came to church. which is really great! the mom has a really strong testimony but she just dejo a assistir because of her work. we are also teaching a young man rodrigo he is 19 and he is really awesome he didnt come to church but we gave him a book of mormon and he siad he was really excited to read it.

yesterday we had a really cool experience! it was getting late and we were going to go back to the house to eat and we were short of our goal for contactos and so we were going to knock on one more door before we would go home. and the lady was really nice and said the we could come back in the week and we were about to leave and she said but can you come in right now she said her daughter was really sick and she wanted us to pray for her. so we were a little surprised because that usually doesnt happen but we went in and we felt like we should give her a blessing so we explained what a blessing was and how it worked and they said ok. and we gave her a blessing and it was a really cool experience and if we didnt knock on that door then we wouldnt have had that experience.

Im so glad that chance is putting in his papers! that is awesome! tell him way to go chance!!! and im glad that you had a great time in youth conference.

Well until next week,

Love Elder Sawyer

PS. I dont think that i need anything else just some reeses and other candy and some peanut butter. nada mas . and whatever else you want to send me!

A New Area, November 7 2011

Dear Mom and Family,

Thank YOu for the happy birthday! and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to MEagan and Sarah! I cant believe that we are already in november time is going by so fast. this is wierd that this is the first birthday that we are not all together. I hope that you all have a goood time celabrating!!!

I did get a chance to air up my vball it was awesome but then i had to pack it away because we had transfers and i haven't found anyone with a pump so its sitting flat in my closet. Speaking of chance, what is chance bozeman doing with his life? Im so glad that Jared Bohne is doing well. I'm sad that he is on crutches but happy that he got to serve in chandler for a little bit, the next time you see him tell him that hes awesome and i miss him and that he is an awesome friend!! That's awesome to hear about Brooks! In our ward there is a guy who is going to serve in Piura and so i've been thinking that i need to give him a letter to give to Brooks. That's crazy that Kyle Chapman is back! i cant believe it! My zone leader is Elder Chamberlain, he grew up with Kyle at Mt View. His cousin owns Pete's Fish and Chips. I'm hoping that when i get back that i get some free petes fish and chips! hahaha

MOM you need to ride your bike!!

Well in case i didnt explain it last week im in zone puente piedra and in the area lomos de carabayllo 2. our area is huge!!! and it is the land of perros pulgas and polvo! its crazy! we havent gotten lost this week, which is good. and the good thing about our area is that there are no gangs and so that is really nice! our are a is a mountain its pretty cool next week ill send some cool pics. the good thing is that the people here are humble and excepting to the gospel this week we did a lot of contacting because the other elders that were here didnt leave much and we found a lot of people that we can teach. its awesome and we also found some people that are members but are inactive. we knocked on one door and the lady answered oh, hi elders como estan? we were like what? you know the missionaries? it was funny so were are tryng to activte some people. part of the reasone why there are so many inactives is that the capilla is pretty far away and the pasaje is expensive.

we found one guy buy the name of Rodrigo. He is 19 and he said he liked what he heard and that he wants to learn more. he couldnt attend church and we went to visit him but his sister was having a birthday party and they were drinking and so we are going there on wednesday. we explained that the church needs to have prophets and thta we have a profet today and he said that it makes sense and we felt the spirit when we explained the first vision and he said thta he would pray about what we taught. its really crazy to think that many people are confused about what church to join because there are so many and all of them say that they are true, it truely is confusing, but it is awesome to know that there is an answer to the question you have to pray to find out and you have to read to know what the church needs to haveto be true. we ask a lot of people if there church can answer that question" why are there so many churches?" and they dont have an answer.

well i love you! I dont think that there is anything that i need for christmas. Maybe another pair of pants. Something really durable. and whatever else that you think would be cool! oh and the uno card game we like to play on pday;)

Love to All
Elder Sawyer

Cambio de Emergencia October 31 2011

Dear Mom and Family,

First of all.... i got transfered to puente piedra area lomos carabayllo 2. It was a cambio de emergencia. Elder Villalba and I got changed here together. We got changed here because Elder Perez and 2 other sick Elders are going to live in the house of Obispo Pedro so that they can recuperarse. Elder Perez will get his surgery this Wednesday. I got to talk to him in the offices when we got changed. He says he is doing good and that he called his family and all was good. He was really scared to call his family because his grandma has heart problems and he didn't want to make her sick, but he told me that he called them and everything was fine and they are doing really well. I told him about my surgery and that you were really scared but that you felt the spirit saying that I was ok. He was so happy to go back to Faucett in that house. He will get everything that he needs and he will be back to work in no time. He said that he was sad that i had to go but i told him that if it meant that he could go back to get better after his surgery then i was happy to leave.

I cant believe that i was in faucett for 6 months that is crazy. It was so hard to go! I had to say goodbye to a lot of people and it was really hard. but thats how the mission is we go to different places and find new people to love. but this area is sooooo different then faucett. there are 6 missionaries in the ward, and the ward is the bifçggest geographicaly in the mission. our area is the part in the mountain and we have to hike up ervery day. we dont even live in our area we have to take a bus that takes 25 minutes to get there and we have to go back early because after 7 there arent anymore busses. the other night we almost had to walk home haha. but its awesome i am learning what the mission is like here, the people are more humble and we hope more receptive, we will see we have only been here three days. elder villalba and I are both new here and there havent been misionaries for about 3 weeks and so we are trying to contact some people that they were teaching. the good thing is that elder ochoa is my leader de zona and he is in the same ward he is companiions with elder chamberlain from az. so im excited about that!!!

our last week in faucett we found some really awesome people that we know will progress and get baptized we taught this little girl and her mom for the first time and at the end we asked them if they would pray to know if this is true the little girl said I already know that it is true and the mom was crying after the prayer. and we had to leave them for elder hatt and the other elder ochoa. dangit!!! they were awesome but i know we will find people here that are prepared too.

about the eartquake i didnt even feel it. where was it? i think our pensionista said something about there being a tremor but i didnt here much about it. so everything is fine. i didnt feel
Im so HAPPY that you guys did well in your race and that you alll finished the race!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it sounds like it was really tough but guess what that is just how it is life is tough the thing that we have to do is just keep going and fight through everything im so happy for you guys and i hope that you dont stop there and keep riding your bike! and losing weight I love you soo much!!!

tell meagan good luck with here report and that she needs to tell mrs wayne hi for me!
And Jared needs to get his licsence and tell him that i love him!
and Dad tell him have a good time in tucson!
Tell the Wardrops that they are awesome and thank them for all that they have done for me and good luck to Trent in the mission.

Elder Sawyer

A New Companion Oct 24 2011

I forgot to tell you i got a new companion he is elder villalba from paraguay he is from my group of the ccm and he is awesome he speaks guaydani its the language there he is teaching me some its tight. he is a little reserved but we are getting to know each other and he is starting to open up. Rohaihu, I love you! in guaydani. Im sad to see elder perez go tho he is with 2 other sick elders and it doesnt sound fun at all and i dont know when he will have his surgery. but he isnt too far from our area.

I love you all. Rohaihu

A parakeet? October 24, 2011

Dear Family,

so funny story that i forgot to tell you, the friday that we went to the temple we were leaving the house and on the sidewalk we found a parakeet...just chillin there. my companions got a little excited and didnt really know what to do so we all went to grab it and it flew away not tooo far and so i ran after it and i grabbed it really fast. it started bighting me but it wasnt as hard as the cockatiels. it reminded me of the time that we found mike at grandmas house. we gave it to our pensionista but we were at her daughters house eating lunch and so hmna magaly put it in a cardboard box and we went to the temple. she was scared that it needed air and so she put holes in it, but really big holes and so it escaped through the holes. we were kinda bummed and we gave her a hard time about it but it was ok because missionaries cant have pets anyways.

ya sonia emailed me and i have been emailing her. she wants to send me a package for the holidays and she needs my address but i dont have it with me at the moment can you please send her my address asap por favor!

Im so excited for your race this week i cant believe that its already here! i wish you the best of luck and i know that you will do amazing!!!!!! I only vomited one time and i think it was just a virus that had to take its course and now i am perfectly fine!!!

Wow jared already got asked to the dance! sweet! is that jacob olsens sister? when is winter formal?

I loved the package and i am so glad that i have pictures of my family now!!! I love you all soo much.

we are still teaching the family de Olenca and they want to visit the temple with us and so we want to cordinate another time to go to the temple. we talked to them about marriage last tim and they understand that they need to get married and now the question is when. so that is what we are doing right now and we are trying to find some new people to teach and this sunday 3 people came that it was there fist time and so now our prayers have been answered and we have some more people to teach!

I love you
Elder sawyer

October 17 2011

Dear mom,

I Love you Guys! i am a little frustrated right now because i wrote the president a really great letter and i went to send it and it was all erased and so i had to do it again it wasnt as good but right now I dont care. and to make matters worse i couldnt login to talk to you guys so it is all messed up so i have even less time. but whatever right!?

I hope everything is going well for you guys and that you are trainging really hard for your race this coming week i am excited for you guys and ill be thinking about you this saturday when you are raing.

Well......... I got the package! it was awesome I Love everything thank you so much and thanks for the music!!!! its all great! The cookies are awesome and i have shared some with e veryone, and in our spare time after lunch my comp and elder hatt are teaching me how to do the cube. i havent pumped up the vball yet but im excited to try it out. I got it on thursday. thursday was not a good day i woke up with a stomach ache and i threw up and and later i had a fever. that whole day i stayed in my bed the whole day, i think i had influenza but its all good i look some motrin for the fever and rested and now i am all good to go, but that day the package really held¡ped me lift my spirits.

so.. tomorrow my companion has cambios so he is going somewhere else and so we are really sad!!!! becayuse this week he will have his surgery and he doesnt want to go someplace new to get better and he sad the last time that he had this surgery he needed a lot of help and the person that he is going with is also sick and so he is not going to be able to help him that much. so we are trying to make it so that he can stay here but we will se what happens, we talked to bishop pedro and he is going to talk to the assistents and to president to see what we can do so that he stays. I hope that everything goes ok!

yesterday we had a activity its called a zapato misional, the memebrs came to the chapel and the whole zone came and so each memebr went with a pair of missionaries and they all had a list of inactivs to visit to tell them that we miss them and that we love them and that we are hoping that they come to church on sunday. it went really good!!! we visited some peoplethat are really poitive but well se if they come on sunday.

I love you all and hope that everything is going well with you guys
ELder Sawyer