Sunday, February 12, 2012

October 17 2011

Dear mom,

I Love you Guys! i am a little frustrated right now because i wrote the president a really great letter and i went to send it and it was all erased and so i had to do it again it wasnt as good but right now I dont care. and to make matters worse i couldnt login to talk to you guys so it is all messed up so i have even less time. but whatever right!?

I hope everything is going well for you guys and that you are trainging really hard for your race this coming week i am excited for you guys and ill be thinking about you this saturday when you are raing.

Well......... I got the package! it was awesome I Love everything thank you so much and thanks for the music!!!! its all great! The cookies are awesome and i have shared some with e veryone, and in our spare time after lunch my comp and elder hatt are teaching me how to do the cube. i havent pumped up the vball yet but im excited to try it out. I got it on thursday. thursday was not a good day i woke up with a stomach ache and i threw up and and later i had a fever. that whole day i stayed in my bed the whole day, i think i had influenza but its all good i look some motrin for the fever and rested and now i am all good to go, but that day the package really held¡ped me lift my spirits.

so.. tomorrow my companion has cambios so he is going somewhere else and so we are really sad!!!! becayuse this week he will have his surgery and he doesnt want to go someplace new to get better and he sad the last time that he had this surgery he needed a lot of help and the person that he is going with is also sick and so he is not going to be able to help him that much. so we are trying to make it so that he can stay here but we will se what happens, we talked to bishop pedro and he is going to talk to the assistents and to president to see what we can do so that he stays. I hope that everything goes ok!

yesterday we had a activity its called a zapato misional, the memebrs came to the chapel and the whole zone came and so each memebr went with a pair of missionaries and they all had a list of inactivs to visit to tell them that we miss them and that we love them and that we are hoping that they come to church on sunday. it went really good!!! we visited some peoplethat are really poitive but well se if they come on sunday.

I love you all and hope that everything is going well with you guys
ELder Sawyer

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