Sunday, February 12, 2012

A parakeet? October 24, 2011

Dear Family,

so funny story that i forgot to tell you, the friday that we went to the temple we were leaving the house and on the sidewalk we found a parakeet...just chillin there. my companions got a little excited and didnt really know what to do so we all went to grab it and it flew away not tooo far and so i ran after it and i grabbed it really fast. it started bighting me but it wasnt as hard as the cockatiels. it reminded me of the time that we found mike at grandmas house. we gave it to our pensionista but we were at her daughters house eating lunch and so hmna magaly put it in a cardboard box and we went to the temple. she was scared that it needed air and so she put holes in it, but really big holes and so it escaped through the holes. we were kinda bummed and we gave her a hard time about it but it was ok because missionaries cant have pets anyways.

ya sonia emailed me and i have been emailing her. she wants to send me a package for the holidays and she needs my address but i dont have it with me at the moment can you please send her my address asap por favor!

Im so excited for your race this week i cant believe that its already here! i wish you the best of luck and i know that you will do amazing!!!!!! I only vomited one time and i think it was just a virus that had to take its course and now i am perfectly fine!!!

Wow jared already got asked to the dance! sweet! is that jacob olsens sister? when is winter formal?

I loved the package and i am so glad that i have pictures of my family now!!! I love you all soo much.

we are still teaching the family de Olenca and they want to visit the temple with us and so we want to cordinate another time to go to the temple. we talked to them about marriage last tim and they understand that they need to get married and now the question is when. so that is what we are doing right now and we are trying to find some new people to teach and this sunday 3 people came that it was there fist time and so now our prayers have been answered and we have some more people to teach!

I love you
Elder sawyer

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