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November 14, 2011

Dear Family,

How is everyone? I hope everything is going great!

Happy Birthday to Meagan! what kind of cake did you guys eat?

My birthday was pretty awesome here in peru! our pensionista bought a cake for me and the whole family and the other elders in our apartment sang and we ate cake and drank pepsi. it was really fun! the cake was really good! it had manjar blanco i dont know what that is in english, but its kinda similar to nutella but its not, it has a different taste...idk. it was really good. and the mission sends a little box of candy to each missionary that has his birthday and in the reunion de distrito the leaders de zona bought a cake also it was really awesome my first birthday in the mission I cant believe that im 20 that is so weird and meagan is 18 what in the heck!!!!

Well this week we have cambios I dont know yet if im going to stay with elder villalba or if one of us will leave, we will find out after internet. but i dont think that we are going to get changed because we only have 4 semanas together. but well see.

We have 2 baptismal dates for the 3 de december. they are 2 girls of 9 and 11 their mom is member but is inactiv but yesterday they all came to church it was really cool! and they have another sister that is member but she goes to a different church and we still havent talked to her but the rest of the family came to church. which is really great! the mom has a really strong testimony but she just dejo a assistir because of her work. we are also teaching a young man rodrigo he is 19 and he is really awesome he didnt come to church but we gave him a book of mormon and he siad he was really excited to read it.

yesterday we had a really cool experience! it was getting late and we were going to go back to the house to eat and we were short of our goal for contactos and so we were going to knock on one more door before we would go home. and the lady was really nice and said the we could come back in the week and we were about to leave and she said but can you come in right now she said her daughter was really sick and she wanted us to pray for her. so we were a little surprised because that usually doesnt happen but we went in and we felt like we should give her a blessing so we explained what a blessing was and how it worked and they said ok. and we gave her a blessing and it was a really cool experience and if we didnt knock on that door then we wouldnt have had that experience.

Im so glad that chance is putting in his papers! that is awesome! tell him way to go chance!!! and im glad that you had a great time in youth conference.

Well until next week,

Love Elder Sawyer

PS. I dont think that i need anything else just some reeses and other candy and some peanut butter. nada mas . and whatever else you want to send me!

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