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A New Area, November 7 2011

Dear Mom and Family,

Thank YOu for the happy birthday! and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to MEagan and Sarah! I cant believe that we are already in november time is going by so fast. this is wierd that this is the first birthday that we are not all together. I hope that you all have a goood time celabrating!!!

I did get a chance to air up my vball it was awesome but then i had to pack it away because we had transfers and i haven't found anyone with a pump so its sitting flat in my closet. Speaking of chance, what is chance bozeman doing with his life? Im so glad that Jared Bohne is doing well. I'm sad that he is on crutches but happy that he got to serve in chandler for a little bit, the next time you see him tell him that hes awesome and i miss him and that he is an awesome friend!! That's awesome to hear about Brooks! In our ward there is a guy who is going to serve in Piura and so i've been thinking that i need to give him a letter to give to Brooks. That's crazy that Kyle Chapman is back! i cant believe it! My zone leader is Elder Chamberlain, he grew up with Kyle at Mt View. His cousin owns Pete's Fish and Chips. I'm hoping that when i get back that i get some free petes fish and chips! hahaha

MOM you need to ride your bike!!

Well in case i didnt explain it last week im in zone puente piedra and in the area lomos de carabayllo 2. our area is huge!!! and it is the land of perros pulgas and polvo! its crazy! we havent gotten lost this week, which is good. and the good thing about our area is that there are no gangs and so that is really nice! our are a is a mountain its pretty cool next week ill send some cool pics. the good thing is that the people here are humble and excepting to the gospel this week we did a lot of contacting because the other elders that were here didnt leave much and we found a lot of people that we can teach. its awesome and we also found some people that are members but are inactive. we knocked on one door and the lady answered oh, hi elders como estan? we were like what? you know the missionaries? it was funny so were are tryng to activte some people. part of the reasone why there are so many inactives is that the capilla is pretty far away and the pasaje is expensive.

we found one guy buy the name of Rodrigo. He is 19 and he said he liked what he heard and that he wants to learn more. he couldnt attend church and we went to visit him but his sister was having a birthday party and they were drinking and so we are going there on wednesday. we explained that the church needs to have prophets and thta we have a profet today and he said that it makes sense and we felt the spirit when we explained the first vision and he said thta he would pray about what we taught. its really crazy to think that many people are confused about what church to join because there are so many and all of them say that they are true, it truely is confusing, but it is awesome to know that there is an answer to the question you have to pray to find out and you have to read to know what the church needs to haveto be true. we ask a lot of people if there church can answer that question" why are there so many churches?" and they dont have an answer.

well i love you! I dont think that there is anything that i need for christmas. Maybe another pair of pants. Something really durable. and whatever else that you think would be cool! oh and the uno card game we like to play on pday;)

Love to All
Elder Sawyer

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