Sunday, February 12, 2012

November 28, 2011

Good morning mom and Family!

This week has been an awesome week the family vega lopez got married on sunday and the wife has a baptism date for the 10 of december and we are still working with the dad haha. i think hell come around. we are really stoked that they got married it was really stressfull with all of the papers they had to fill out and everything but they did it! and this week we have 2 baptisms of two girls and that should be awesome we have a noche de hogar with them tonight and i think we are going to share the video the testaments with them. it should be really good and yesterday we had the primary program in our ward and these little girls participated it was really cool! it was a little different then our primary programs, the kids werent as reverent, but it was still really cool!.

We lost contact with rodrigo this week and he didnt come to church but this week si o si we have to find him to see whats going on.
the ward we are in is puente piedra and the ward where obispo pedro is at is faucett.

This weekend we had a service project with the whole mission and with the central and the north mission. we painted some posts on the highway and cleaned up a little bit it was really cool, it reminded me a little about when i did my eagle project, but my eagle project was 10 times harder than painting some posts. haha but it was still really awesome!

I cant believe that they realined the boundries! Wow! I can't believe that the Garners and the Hales aren't in out ward! What in the world is going on! Please tell them that I Love them! Man things are going to be different when i get back!! When will the Gilbert Temple be done? Do they have a day or a month when they think it will be done?

I hope that you all had a great Thanksgiving! Wish i could have been there! haha but im glad im here on the mission! well I love you All
Elder Sawyer

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