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December 5, 2011

Hey Guys,

Well this week was a really good week....even tho the baptisms fell through. one of the girls wont be baptized until next year because her dad wants to be there and he lives in the mountains, and the other girl jennifer is going to be baptized this weekend. and so we were sad that we didnt have any baptizms this week but this next saturday we are going to have 4. jennifer the girl that is 9, camila and natalia twins of 13 years and hermana pilar she is 52. they are all really awesome and they are progressisng really well. the hermana pilar has been listening to the missionaries for almost a year and now she can be baptized because she got married. and the twins we have been teaching for about a little more than 2 weeks and they have been reading the book of mormon and they have really good questions when we teach them. and jennifer we have been teaching for a month and she participated in the primary program.

this sunday was interesting, we told the twins that we would go to their house and go with them to the capilla because their mom was at work. and so we left a little before 8 to catch the bus to go up the mountain but.... the bus didnt come and we were waiting forever!!!! so we decided to take another bus that doesnt go up the mountain but it goes to the bottom no mas. and we had to climb the mountain on foot in our suits. when we got there we were sweating like pigs and realy really tired because it was fast sunday!!!!! but the good thing was the girls were ready and we left and got to church, late, but we got there and just before the sacrament hymn! it was rough haha but it was worth it.

last night we went to the church to watch the christmas devotional, it was really awesome there were two rooms one for the gringos and one in spanish. i decided to lesten to it in spanish it was really cool! it was different not to here their voices but i understand all of it! it was awesome!

I cant wait to recieve the christams package! i have some stuff to send to you guys i dont think that youll get it by christmas but ill try i dont know how much it is to send from here to the states, well see. today we went to the center of lima for pday it was really fun i bought some cool stuff and we took some photos ill send them to you.

well this week we visited a family that we found that weve been visiting every now and then because they werent keeping their commitments with praying and reading but they liked what they were hearing and are really nice. well yesterday to our surprise the wife had read what we had left for them to read and had some good questions. we had a lesson on prayer and how to pray with real intent, thats the key to getting an answer, and they said that they would come to church this sunday, and so that was really cool. me and my companion are focusing on pray when we teachthe people and not just to pray but praying with real intent because that is the only way that thye can get an answer! the good thing is that this family is married and i really hope that they can continue to progress.

I hope that you all are doing well and I love youALLL!!!!!!!!

Elder Sawyer

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