Monday, March 19, 2012

January 23, 2012 Happy Birthday to Jared

Dear Mom an Family!


I hope that you all had a good time celabating the birthday and the aneversary of grandma and grandpa!!!

that sounds like it was really awesome!!!! i love the experience that you had in the temple with all of your familiy that sounds sooo cool i cant wait when we can all go!!! i was thinking about that the last time that i wentot the temple. I cant wait to go with all of you! the temple is an amazing place.

they changed the rules with the temple we can only go 2 times a year and before it was every 3 months and we could go with our converts but now we cant do any of that. i understand why, we are here for the living and not for the dead, but it stinks. so now i will only go 2 more times before i go home in may and then in november. and right when this rule changed elder ochoa and i were invited to a sealing by hermana magaly the daughter of hermana jovita the lady that cooks for us in faucett. we called president and he said we could go and then the rule changed and he said we couldnt go. that stunk!!!!!!!

well this week we got two baptism dates for the 4th of feb. hermano victor a friend of the family of jenifer and medaly, and a girl of 9 that always goes to church but we didnt know she wasnt member her family are all members but her and so we are preparing her for her baptism.

rodrigo..... he didnt go to church but we have a appontment tonight. we will see what happened we challenged him again he accepted but we need to verify the word of wisdom. but tonight i told him i would share my peanut butter with him. haha

Im excited to hear that the temple will be done in feburary! that means i can go to the dedication and everything!!! have you sent the package yet? i thought of some things that i need, porfavor, and i was also wondering about my line of authority that would be really cool to have can you talk to dad for me?

Elder sawyer

On Mon, Jan 23, 2012 at 9:39 AM, Mary Ann Sawyer wrote:
Dear Elder Jacob Sawyer,

How are you this fine morning? How are things in Peru?

How are Rodrigo and Hmno Obando? I hope they were at church! How are the sisters?

Well, this past weekend, I went to Pima. We celebrated Grandma's and Grandpa's 60th wedding anniversary. Dad couldn't go because he was working. Royce was helping with Tanner and Sarah (she had knee surgery too). Jodi and I left our house at 5 am. It was very, very dark and the sun didn't come up until about 7:30. (So I am thinking it must be light early in Peru?) I was kind of the planner of the event. So when we got there we put a table cloth on and set the table with real dishes, since it was for all of Grandma's and Grandpa's kids and spouses. It looked really nice. Then we all met at the temple to do sealings. (Grandma has a cold right now and Grandpa didn't think she had strength to do a session.) Grandma and Grandpa started out by doing sealings of parents. Then we all got to take turns being a child. Then we let Grandma and Grandpa take a rest. After the sealer asked if we wanted to go to the Celestial Room. It was so incredible. Grandma and Grandpa led us in there and our family and the sister attendant were the only ones in there. It was so incredible!!!! I can not wait until all of us can be in the Celestial Room together!!!!! I told Jared and Meagan that "I live for the day that we can all be in the Celestial room together!" The Spirit was so strong!!! And it all started by Grandpa getting baptized and then someone opening their mouth to invite Grandma to come to church! May I share and open my mouth and invite others to come, come and experience the joy of the gospel!

After Jodi and I picked up food from a mexican restaurant and took it back to Grandma's. We had chicken enchilada casserole, beans and rice (not your dads. they were okay but not as good as dad's. :)) and a salad made by Janine (super YUMMY!!). For desert I made apple pie and black berry cobbler (Grandpa likes black berries) with ice cream and caramel sauce. Hope that didn't make you home sick. Then we all shared memories. EVERYONE asks "How the Missionary is?" Uncle Dan asked about the snakes. We laughed about the snake story again. Oh Jacob, thank you for serving a mission. Your brother and sister look up to you so much. I know it is hard sometimes but like you tell me like I told you NEVER GIVE IN, HUSTLE TO THE VERY END!

I hope your interview with the President remains in your mind. I wish I could have been a fly on the wall. hahaha

Yesterday, we celebrated Jared's birthday with Dad's family. It was fun. Can you believe he is 17???? He is officially as tall as dad. Mercy me!!!! I am becoming a dwarf in our family except...for Meag! hahaha don't tell her that. Jared was gone all evening with his pals on his birthday. He is hoping to try out for track. I hope his grades will allow it. Pray! He is doing so much better and has better motivated friends. The stinker came home with balloons and some girl gave him a CD. I think he might be a bit of a chick magnet! Just kidding. but not. I don't know.

Well dearest Elder Sawyer, I pray, we all pray that you will have success with your companion. Tell me what you are studying and learning. I love to hear your testimony. Don't be stingy with it! I pray the people will know that what you have to share with them is the true and correct path! I pray that the members will be welcoming and everyone will not judge.

I love you!!!! Stay strong!!! Remember who loves you?!?!?! ME!!!

Do your best and Heavenly Father will do the REST!

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