Monday, March 19, 2012

March 19 Letters to and from Pa and Mommy na

Brother Richard Scott said that Heavenly Father made President Monson
> so big so he would have room for a big heart.
> We are having a great day. Your mother, brother, sister, and aunt suzi
> are here. Suzi is snoring in the chair right now. Your cousin Ben came
> and mad pancakes for us with hot syrup and sausage. Cousin Ben lives
> out on cotton wood wash and has 10 new lab pups.
> We appreciate you serving a mission and the success you are having.
> The spirit that you have in your letters is great. We are very happy
> for your desire to serve a mission and the dilligence that you are
> serving with.
> We ate at the Bistro. It's new and higher class in Pima.
> We enjoy going to the Temple and go twice a week and do sealings.
> Takes all of 5 minutes to get to the temple.
> We are going down to the Valley on Monday to get Grandmas hearing aides
> fixed.
> Love your Grandma and Grandpa!

Dear PA and MOMMY NA,

thank you soo much for writing me! my mom said that you guys wrote me
a letter but i think that it got lost in the mail. Im so glad to hear
that everything is going well in Pima. Im happy that there is a temple
is so close to you so that you can go so reguraly. my mom told me
about when you guys went to the temple with all of your kids, my aunts
and uncles, and did sealings that sounds like an awesome experience i
want to be able to do that with my mom and dad too. well grandpa and
grandma i love you soo much! the work is going great here i am loveing
to mission. i have transfers this week so i dont know where i will be
going. we are excited to get to hear the prophet speek this april!
lVOe you all say hay to the snoring aunt suzi and to all the cousins
and aunts and uncles in pima.
Love Elder Sawyer

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