Monday, March 26, 2012

A white shirt and a tie

Dear Mom and Family,

Well, I didn't get transferred and I am with Elder Villalba again. So we were happy about that. Wow! We have been companions since October. That is a long time!!!! But it is aweosme and Elder Suntasig got transferred and so now the other missoinaries that live with us are Elder Cano and Elder Mcclure, from AZ!!!! He went to Mesquite and he knows BRETT Sevy. So I'm excited to have an Arizonian with me! Thats tight!!

This Sunday was sooo awesome! Ricardo recieved the sacerdocio, (priesthood). It was soo awesome! He told us last Sunday that he had a interview with the bishop and he wsa worried because he didn't have a tie or a white shirt. And so we told hime that we were goingto go to his house on Monday. So we went on Monday and explained a little about the Priesthood. And I gave him one of my white shirts and Elder villalba gave him a red tie. Itwas so cool!!! He is the best! He is so excited to bless the sacrament! And yesterday when the ward sustained him it was so cool for us to see that!!!! We felt so happy!! And yesterday we had 7 investigators come to church and some that have come for the first time! So that was a rally big blessing for us!

I can't wait for general conference! That is going to be soo fun! I can't believe that we are already at this time of year again! I'm so glad that you guys get to go! That is going to be soo fun! I hope we get to go next year. That is something that i really want to do. Hey, who is Haley going to marry? That is nuts! I can't believe she is getting married.

Well this week we had a really cool experience with Rodrigo. We watched the restoration and it was really cool. And we asked him how he has felt about it this time that we have been teaching him. And he told us that he believes it is true and that it all makes sense to him. And i remember in my experiences when i have prayed to know if everything is true i think my answer was just like that it just all makes sense to me. It is a testimony to me that the spirit works in different ways with everyone and we are probably gong to get an answer in a way that is reallly small. But it is still an answer. We are working with him so he can be baptized the week after conference.

Well, I have started to do some excersizes in the night with Elder Mc Clure we have been jump roping in the night so I hope I will stay skiny and strong. haha.

Hey so question. What is going on with Russia and Iran and israel and the states? I have been seeing a bunch of crazy stuff in the papers.

Well, I hope that you all have a great week! I love you all sooo much!!

ELder Sawyer

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