Monday, March 19, 2012

February 20, 2012 A year mark and a dog bite

Dear mom,

Victors baptism is next week, but he is doing awesome yesterday in priesthood meeting he had a notebook and was taking notes it was really cool! nicol will also be baptized this week her aunt and cousin that we were teaching moved a while back and they found the missionaries and they got baptized this saturday and so they went over there and changed the date. her dad lives in the jungle and she lives with her aunt here in lima.

I havent got the package yet i htink that it will come tomorrow im sure its in the offices but i havent gone to the offices in a while and the zone leaders didnt go this week. the glasses are good and they work, i cant wait to get to try the contacts, how many did you send?

Im glad to hear all that is going on at home that is awesome that bro and sis B are goingto serve a mision! and im glad that chance is doing well in the mtc. I love dads ice cream pic that is soo funny i miss the safeway icecream, and im glad to hear that you are able to ride your bike and that the temple is coming along!

well this week for my year mark i burned my shirt and i sent some pics, i cant believe that i have a year that is crazy, and this week something really funny happened a dog wanted to wish me a happy year mark in the mission and he bit me. haha its a funny story my companion was contacting someone at the door and the dog came out and the lady said that he doesnt bite and so i didnt do anything and the dog was barking at me but wasnt doing anything and then his friend came and they were both like surrrounding me and while i was looking at one dog the other went behind and bit me on the calf. the good thing was that he didnt rip my pants, because i was wearing the pants that you sent me, and there wasnt any blood because he just grabbed me. so everything is fine and after that happend i grabed a big rock and i was going to chuck it at the dog but he had already went inside and the funny thing is my companion was contacting the lady and neither of them sawe what happened. and so that is my funny story for the week.

and now something good... we are teaching a family, family asavache molina, they are so awesome we taught them the plan de salvacion and it was so cool, they had a uncle pass a way and they wanted to know where he went and if theyll see him again, perfect questions for a missionary, and se we explained that they can see him again and we exploained the things they need to do to get to that point, and so we challengedto be baptized they accepted and we talked about marriage and how they want to get married and they want to get married and so if everything works out well they will get married in march and get baptized in march too. it is sooo cool, the mom, sara started to cry and told us how thankful that she was for us coming and teaching her and her family and for the peace that they feel from the things that we are teaching, she told us that we came right when she didnt have any hope and now she just feels peace in her house and the prablems she had with her family are all working out. they came to church yesterday and loved it!!! it was so awesome!!!!

well I love you alll sooo much!!!
Elder Sawyer

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