Monday, March 19, 2012

January 16, 2012

Dear mom,

how are you mom? I pray for you every night that your knee will get better! I hope that you will be able to ride your bike soon!

I cant believe that sarah had knee surgery too, what happened? i hope that she is doing alright! how much time does she need to recover? tell her i love her!

I am so glad that you are magnifying your calling! i hope that alll of these boys get their eagles, starting with jared!!!! let me know if any of these boys has a project harder than my project! my project was really hard but fun!!!!

well this week was a good/bad week. our fechas fell through and they moved, so we dont have baptizms this week. we had interviews with the president that was really cool he is an awesome man! we talked a little about what i want to do when i get back i told him that you didnt tell me about your surgery until after and he said thats not fair because i told you before mine haha. and i told him that i want to go to a community college in az when i get back he said he wont worry about me because there are a lot of good looking lds girls in az it was really funny! and as for rodrigo he came to church this week! and idk if i told you but last week we went to his house and his cousin told us he was drunk and so we taught the word of wisdom the next time we saw him and this sunday he went to church with a nice shirt and with sunday shoes and it was really cool to see that! we will see how things go with him he is definately progressing! this week we are going to challenge him to be baptized! its really awesome to be apart of a grand change that can happen in the lives of the people.

well I love you all!
sorry its a short one this week!
Elder sawyer

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