Monday, March 19, 2012

December 12, 2011

Dear Family,

how is everyone? I hope that everyone had a great week. This saturday we had 4 baptisms! is was really cool! Jennifer a little girl with 9 years and camila and natalia with 13 years and hermana pilar with52 years. it was really cool to finally see some fruits from our labor! we had the baptisms at 2pm and we started a little late but is was really cool! and yesterday they recieved the holy ghost. funny story so we were in sacrament meeting and only 3 of the people that were baptized were there in the sacrament meeting jenniferand her family still hadnt arrived. i was getting a little nervous... no a lot nervous! so i was praying really hard that she would come so she could recieve the holy ghost. and luckily there were a lot of announcements and right when the bishop called the girls up to recieve the holy ghost jennifer walked in whith her whole family! I took a big sigh of relief and then I prayed really hard to thank heavenly father for answering my prays.

Now we are teaching the sister of jennifer, medaly, she has 13 aƱos and she came to church for the first time yesterday and she really liked it! we are going to try to put a date for her for the 24th of december.

I have some pics i want to send you but i dont know if i can because the dumb computer wont recognize my camera. sorry maybe next week!

well today is pday and we are going to the beach again that should be fun! and tomorrow we have our zone conference withthe president its the christmas one and we made a skit as a zone and we are going to do some fun stuff tomorrow our zone conference is with 2 other zones! it is going to be fun!

I cant believe that sevy is leaving thats crazy! he is goingto be a good missionary! The mountains could be the andes but really we are still in lima. its really different in az the really rich people live on the mountains and here its the oposite the really poor people live in the mountains. right now it is summer and it is getting hot but its not too bad right now.

Well I love you and ill see you next week!

Love Elder Sawyer

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