Monday, March 19, 2012

March 19, 2012 Another Noche de Hogar

Dear mom
how are you? well the noche de hogar was a success like the other one
that we did it was awesome! i am trying to send some pictures that we
took. it was awesome we did it out side in back of the house of the
hermana pando the mom of medaly jenifer and nicol. it was soo cool we
had a really good time and one girl that we are teaching came. her
name is yadi she had a really good time.

this week on saturday we asked victor if he could help us out and come
with us to soem appointments. we thought it would be good for our
investigators to hear a testimony of someone that just joined the
church and we also thought that it would help victor with his
testimony. we taught yadi and she has a lot of questions about the
book of mormon and it was great to have victor their because some of
the doubts that he had she is having right now. and we also went to
visit a member to plan a little about the noche de hogar and justo the
lady that works for him, he sews t shirts., was their and they were
talking about the church and sowe arrived just in time we got to know
her a little and then we taught her the restoration it was really cool
we had brother coral and victor there to testify with us and she said
that she would pray and read the book of mormon, and something really
cool is that she came to church yesterday and so that was really cool.
Ricardo is going to get the priesthood this week he has a entravista
with the bishop this tuesday and so that is exciting, he was really
excited he told us after church" im going to be able to bless the
sacrament" and while he said it he did a little cross in the air it
was funny me and elder villalba laughed afterward. haha the family
menos activa that we have been teaching came to church this sunday
again and so we are happy for them, they are going through some tough
family stuff and we are really said that they are going throught this,
the dad is a drunk! that pretty much somes it up. oh and rodrigo has a
baptismal date.... again for 31 of march.

well the multizone conference was awesome president talked to us about
the book of mormon and how it combined wit hthe holy ghost is the
instrument mas poderoso that we have for the conversion, it was really
aweoseme and then we talked about faith hope charity and humility and
he asked us which one is most important and we looked up a lot of
scriptures and they all say that we cant have one without the other,
and so we talked about we need to develop all of them at the same time
and we cant have one strong and the others weak they all go hand in

well this week in transfers and we will find out if we get changed
right after internent and so we are a little nervous i really dont
want a change elder villalba is awesome and he is an awesome companion
it will be tought if we have changes.

yes i have seen llamas!
tell ladawn that i say hi to the despain family and jeff!


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