Monday, March 19, 2012

The Week January 9, 2012

Buenos Dias!

how is the family? i hope that everyone is doing well!!! today we got the liahonas from the general conference i am so excited to read the talks! we finally got them we had to wait a long time!!!!!!!!!! I remember dad talking about how he would get the liahonas en ingles on his mission and how it was just like candy and that is exactly true when i get the liahonas i just eat it up and read the whole thing cover to cover its awesome!

this week was really awesome we found some new families..... that are married... YAY!!!! and we are working with them so that they can progress. we had a really great lesson with rodrigo this week we had left alma 32 with him to read and he read it and understood a lot of it and we explained to hime that the seed could be compared to him and the book of mormon and how it is growing and there is a verse that says that it becomes delicious to us and we told him that everytime we come we can see it in his face that this scripture is happening with him he really enjoys is and he knows that it is true it was a really awesome experience..... the sad part is that when we went to pick him up to go to church his cousing sad that he had been drinking the night before and he was sleeping it off:( well we know exactly what we are going to teach him this next week the word of wisdom haha. and hermano obando disapeared we think that he had a surgery because he sad that he would be haveing a surgery soon but he didnt know when so we are going to keep knocking on his door until we know whts going on. haha. oh and we have 2 baptisms this 21 of january hermana yoni and yan paul. its spelled like that but it is prunouned jony and john paul. they are family of medaly and jenifer. they are progressing really well yan paul is 9 and yoni is his mom.

well i cant wait to see that movie when i get back! that sounds really good.

well good luck in your new calling! I hope that the scout people can help you get going! i know exactly where you need to start with your calling..... JARED SAWYER. i think he is the next one to get his eagle! hahahaha I love you mom and i know that you can do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dont give up fight until the very end! i think that is how your cheer from cheeleading goes hahaha. not sure.

wow grandma and grandpa have been married 60 years that is awesome!!!

WEll i love everyone and hope that you all have a great week!


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