Monday, March 19, 2012

January 2, 2012

Hello Family,

how are you guys? well this week has been a great week!we didnt get
changed and im still with elder Villalba so we are happy about that!
and we had a very happynew year and there were more fireworks on new
years thenthere were on christmas it was really cool, buthe next
daythere was so much smog in the air it was gross!!!! but we also
bought a couple little fireworks and we lit them off it was really fun
but i was sooo tired!! i honestly wanted to sleep at 1030 but we ended
up staying awake until the new year and itwas also hard to sloop
because everyone had their music blasting!!! but it was really fun
and we ate anticuchos which is cow heart it is sooooo good! and yes
they postponed fast sunday until next week for us too. and we only had
an hour of church did you guys do the same¿

that is really great im glad that you are visiting grandma and grandpa
tell them that i love them please!! Ihope that all of you had a great
Christmas and a great NEW YEAR!!!!!!!! I wish that i was with you
guys in pima taking down the christmas lights. i remember we all had a
great time serving under the direction of our dear mother, in the
taking down of decorations. haha well I hope that you all are having
an awesome time in Pima!
give grandma a zerbert for me!!!! haha

for christmas and new year we only had sacrament meeting.

I Love you all
Elder Sawyer

On 1/2/12, Mary Ann Sawyer wrote:
> Well, your dear mother appreciates the help! On this trip we discovered
> that Meagan also sleeps, like her Peruvian Brother, with her eyes open.
> Tried to get a picture but it didn't come out. We will try again on the way
> home.
> Your Father, bro and sister aaand yo mama lit off a few fireworks and there
> was a lot of smoke but it cleared quickly.
> Where did you eat breakfast today and what did you eat? (Grandma's question)

i ate yhogurt and bread with my peanut butter. i shared with my companions.

wow i am really surprised that you lit some fireworks I AM SO PROUD OF
YOU MOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! haha

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