Monday, March 19, 2012

March 12, 2012

dear mom,

How are you and the family? this week was pretty awesome we had a baptism. ricardo was baptized on saturday in the morning. it was kinda weird because it was in the morning and all of the other baptisms that we have had have been in the after noon. but is was a really cool experience! his family couldnt make it and the only member that came was roberto mache, he lives in our area and he always works with us he is awesome! so we were sad that there werent any people and that his family couldnt come but it didnt matter much to him. IT was soo cool, he walked in to the church with a HUGE smile on his face!! it is something that as missionaries we always want to see!!! and we had a great baptismal service and he shared his testimony and it was a very good and powerful testimony, we all felt the spirit!

This week we are planning another family home evening in our area it should be really awesome! I hope that we have as much success as we did the last time. this is the last week before the changes and I cant believe that time is going by so fast!!! I hope that i have another change with elder villalba but i dont think that will happen. this week we have a multizone meeting with president and so we are excited for that!!! yesterday in church they announced the general conferance and that was really cool im excited for that!!!

that is awesoem hat youguys got to listen to Elder Groberg that is way awesome that would be soo cool to listen to him speak! Im glad that jared is doing well in pole vault I hope that he keeps up his grades to that he can keep doing it. Im glad that meagan got to go to a cabin and that you are going to the zoo I hope you take pics for me!!!! ITs been a long time since i wrote your guys a hand written letter and so this week i am going to write you a letter im sorry that it has been a long time! I hope that gRandpa sawyer is doing ok, tell him that i love him the next time that you talk to him.
well I love you all im sorry that this letter is really short.

HEY I still want a picture of my room!!!!!!!

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