Monday, March 19, 2012

January 23, 2012 Advice

Dear Mom,
Im sorry about what happened, just read DC 64 verse 10, i think that is what i was thinking, i the lord will forgive whom i shall forgive but of you it is required to forgive all men. Love you.

well this week has been good. we are going to have a baprtism on saturday micaela a little girl that has been to church sooo many times and recently we found out that she hasnt been baptized, and so this sat whe will be baptized. and victor will be baptized later he wants to wait for some of his family to be there at the baptism. and rodrigo.... we are still working on that. haha

we found a less active family this week contacting and they are really cool and want to come back but the mom works on sundays until marchand, but yesterday her dad and son came to church the son is not member but he is really interested. so we are now teaching him. this week is the last week of the change and i think that we might be changed we hve been together for 3 months and we almost have a year and elder villalba is still juinior comp and so i think he is going to move up this changge but it would be cool to have more time together, he is awesome and our area is awesome!

I told meagan not to tell you i had a little flea trouble so thats why she didnt let you read the letter. but the fleas are gone ... for the most part. and we bought some stuff to take care of them! so its good

well im almost out of peanut butter. its so good. i cant wait for the package!!! I love you sooo much!

Elder Sawyer

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