Monday, March 19, 2012

December 19, 2011

Dear Mom!

How is everything going? I hope that your knee is doing better im glad to hear that you can use the bike pedals now!!! I am praying that you will recover fast! I cant believe that it is christmas time it really doesnt feel like it idk why. probably becasue we are working! in our room we have a little christmas tree with lights. it is soooo cool i forgot to take a picture of it. sorry! but the hermana pilar and her husband, who isnt member yet, bought it for us it was soo cool we were like how much do we have to pay you and they told us that it was a gift and we were like no we cant do that we need to pay but then she made us feel bad she sad that her husband would be mad if we didnt accept their gift and so we were like ok hermana esta bien muchas gracias!! hahahaha but its awesome and it is in our room and it has little lights its tight.

this saturday the 24th we have a baptism its awesome! the sister of jenniferthe little girl that got baptized this last week. she has really changed at first she didnt want to come to church but now she loves it and she is going to all of the activities with the twins that we baptized its really awesome.

on saturday while we were in the bus to go to our area a guy started to talk to us he is a member and is inactive for about 2 years, he said that he has an uncle that lives in our area and that we could go visit him. we wentto his house and he let us in and we started to talk to him he isnt a member but his dad was his dad died a couple years back but before he died he took his dad all over, to the church and even to the temple and he would wait for him to come out of the temple. and his dad and his wife served a mission in chile as a couple it really suprised us but it was really cool! we taught him the restauration and he sadi he would come to hcurch, and yesterday we went to go get him and when we got off the bus we started walking to his house and he was already leaving his house to go to the church it was awesome! and also yesterday rodrigo, rememebr rodrigo, he came to church that was awsome! we have some citas con them this week we will see how it goes!

on tuesday we had our dinner with the president it was turkey and mashedpotaoes and salad itwas soo good!!!! i took some pics and the bishop pedro was santa claus hahah i havent got my package im sure its in the offices and this week ill getit.

HEY today i get to call you to coordinate when you are going to call me on christmas!!!!!!! i am going to call you at like 9 or 930 in peru time, so i think that is like at 7 or 730 your time!

ok i love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elder Sawyer

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