Monday, March 19, 2012

February 6, 2012


well to answer your questions really fast the goal for appointments is
14 with a member and 10 other lessons without a member. and we have a
goal of 70 contacts in a week. we try really hardto reach the goals
but it doesnt always work out that way we usually have about 10 with a
member and 10 others and with contacts we have been getting 70 for the
last couple weeks. nope havent done any programs in the ward. next
sunday is stake conference and we will find out if we are going to put
a casa capilla in out area. and todaywe find out if we have changes so
we will see how it goes i am pretty sure that we are going to have
changes but we dont know until after internent.

well this week has been interesting on monday playing soccer i bent
myglasses pretty bad, io got hit in the face with the ball. and sooo
this week my glasses have been with a guy that the mission had fix my
glasses. and so right now i dont hve glasses. but i will get them in
the next couple of days:) haha it has been really interensting to be
in the street without glasses, i am like one of the three blind mice
haha i have to relyon my comp to be my eyes, its a great thing i have
an excelent companion. but dont worry about me everything is fine!

saturday we had a baptism it was realy awesome! micaela a little girl
it was really cool. and we got there early to set up and we had some
extra time and so we decided to go contact some people at the doors of
the church and so we were there for a while talking to people and
inviting them to church on sunday. and guess what.... a little boy
came to church. we contacted him and his dad and there were really
cool and sad we could go to there house one day. and it really
surprised us that someone actually came to church when we just metthem
the day before. and so we passed the direction of the house to the

and on friday we did a service projest in our area we went to a house
that they are starting an orchard on the side of the mountain and we
had to haul water in buckets to alll of the little trees and then the
member that livesthere introduced us to a family that had been
listentign to the missionaries like 3 years ago and theay are really
awesome and they want to get married which is awesome! but we went to
the appointment yesterday... and they werent there:( but its all good
we are going to go during the week to see whats up.
well im glad that you sent me the package! i cant wait ill tell bishop
pedro to keep an eye out for my package. thank you sooo much i love
you all somuch


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