Monday, March 19, 2012

February 27, 2012 Victor and Nicol

Dear Mom,

This week we had two baptisms it was soo cool! hermano Vicotor and nicol. it was a really great experience. Its really funny when we first met victor we never thought that he would progress he was a litltle wierd and he liked to drink and we just visited him because it was a reference but we had a couple lessons with him and he started to change and he came to church and after that he started coming to church every sunday and from then on he hasnt missed a sunday, and he brings a noteook to church to write notes. he is a really cool guy the last time we went to his house he asked about callings and he said he would like to be involved so that is really cool. in our area there arent to many men with the priesthood and so we are working with him and next week the bishop is going to interview him to recieve the priesthood.

this next sunday we have planned a family home evening with all of the members in our area in the house of a family. it should be really cool if everyone comes it will be a great experience. we want to fellowship some new members and also so that the members in our area can be more united and get to know one another. we are excited for this family home evening.

well me and my companion are doing well, right now i dont thinkthat we are going to make our cçgoal of baptising every week but wea re going to keep working hard and we will see what happens. Elder Villalba is doing good he laughs at me because everytime that we pass some dogs barking i get a little scared haha.

I havent got my package yet but this week we have a multi zine meeting in the offices so im going to check and see if its there.

Im excited for jared and his track meet!!! that is going to be really fun. Please take pics!!! he looks soo diferent and he has muscles.... what happened to my baby bro?!?!?! haha
and he is super skiny! haha.

Im soooo happy that you are getting on your bike and riding way to go mom!!! I love you soo much and i hope that everything is going well for you guys!!!
this weeek not much has happened only that we had baptisms.

well I love you lots
Elder Sawyer

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