Monday, March 19, 2012

March 5, 2011 Noche de Hogar

Dear Mom,

This week has gone by so fast!! I cant believe that it went by so fast. this week we worked pretty dang hard. we walked so much. we were planning our family home evening inviting everyone and teaching our investigators and we did a lot of contacting, we reached the goal of 70 this week and we found a lot of really awesome people. one day we had 30 contacts in a day because all of our appointments fell through and so we contacted the whole day. and we ended up finding some cool people. well yesterday was an amazing day for us! RODRIGO CAME TO CHURCH! all by himself and he stayed for all 3 hours, and so we were really happy about that! and in the night we had our noche de hogar, it was a huge success!!!!! it was sooo cool. almost all of the families that we invited came! it was so cool we assigned victor cordoba a spiritual thought and he talked about the love that God has for us. and he did an awesome job! and pilar vega, who got baptized in december, and her daughter bore their testimonies and they did amazing, one of the gemelas gave a prayer, it was an awesome experience we felt the spirit and after we played some games andhad a great time. oh... and rodrigo came to the noche de hogar that was really cool he had a great time! i was thinking after wards, why did i forget my camera in my room? i cant believe i didnt have it to take a picture with all of these people. but we are going to di it again in 2 weeks. so then i will get a pic.
well this week we are going to have a baptism, ricardo is a young man of 17 years and he has been progressing a lot. he has been to church 3 times and he is reading and he might even go to seminary if we can find a teacher for our area. he is awesome.

I am so glad that you are doing better and able to ride your bike! keep up the good work mom. it sounds like you are progressing a lot! IT also sounds like you made some awesome food for break the fast!! I wish i was there. say hi to all of the family for me.

WOW moses got married? that is nuts!!! im glad that you got to go to the reception. dallas is leaving in may? that is nuts too! he is going to love it. say hi to them for me!!!

And I love the pics that you sent me of Jared! how cool is that he is going to do great!!!

Well I love you alll!!! I got the package this week and i absolutuely love it i have been eating nutella every day this week! i got it on tuesday and that day i had a work visit with Elder Paulson, from utah, and he also got a package so we took some pics of our packages.

Elder Saywer

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