Monday, April 30, 2012

A Transfer

Dear MOM, Well mom..., we found out the changes just now. The zone leaders told us before internent which is really cool! So i can tell you. Well,I'm going to a different area. I'm going to a zone called Santa Isabel. I am so sad that i am going to leave Elder Villalba and all of the wonderful people that we have found and are teaching. But the wierd thing is I am going to be a zone leader. I really don't know how or why. When the zone leaders told us our changes I thought they were lying and I still dont believe them but I gues that it is true. I think that everything will be alright! Well this week was probably one of the best weeks that I have had on my mission. WE FOUND A GOLDEN FAMILY. This lady in our area gave us a reference of Yoseline and Jose. They are 24 and 23 years old and they had listened to the missionaries before and they felt the spirit. They told us that the first time they prayed with the other missionaries they started to cry and they felt soo good. So we taught them about the Book of Mormon and a little about baptism they want to get baptized and we explained that they have to get married first and they are going to do it. They went to church on Suday and they are so excited. And now i have to leave them what a bummer!!!! As for Yadi she said she wants some time to think and so we are going back next week to see how she is doing. I hope that everything is alright with her!! On Sunday, we inherited 3 baptismal dates, the zone leaders had been working in our area and the people came to church and want to get baptized. We have an appointment with them today and we are going to meet them. Me and my companion were talking the other day about when we first came to our area. When we first came, there wasn't anything and the missionaries hadn't baptized hardly anybody in the lastd 6 months. But we came and now we baptize every month. It's so awesome to see the progress in the area and in the people. I know that the Lord has blessed us sooo much! Even tho we really don't deserve it. But i have a firm testimony that if we work hard the Lord will bless us. And it depends on our attitude. If we have a good attitude, it's much easier to work and to have hope and faith that we will have success. When we got here everyone told us " good luck in your area" but in a sarcastic way, we had a great attitude and we had success and I Love this area!! Well, mom I am sorry that you fell on your bike and that the dog chased you. Sometimes we get chased by dogs. It really stinks!!! Sometimes we have to throw rocks at them so that they will leave us alone. It's kinda funny afterwards but in the moment its a little scary, especially if it is un perro grandaso! haha. Im so happpy that Dallas is going to serve a mission! I'm so excited for him he is going to have the time of his life!!! Say hi for me!!! Here are some pictures at Ricardo's.
well I love you all soooo much!!! Love Elder Sawyer

Monday, April 23, 2012

Dear MOM! how are you doing? well to tell the truth I did have a big headache but it all went away! so that is good! i think it might have been because i got a lot of sun that day. well this week we had 2 baptisms vanesa and her daughter micaela. The baptism was great! We were so happy that we had baptisms. But the prep for the baptism wasnt that fun. we went in the morning to fill up the font and we find it full with dirty water and with mosquitoe larvae in the font. GROSS!!! so we go to empty it and the water was emptying really slowly so we left to go to an appointment and to eat lunch. we get back at like 230 because vanessa had to have an interview with presidente dorius, and we find the font half way full still, the water wouldnt leave! we tried everything and then we just had to empty it with buckets we filled the buckets and dumped the water in the overflow drain.
we got done with cleaning and everything at 6 and the baptism was at 7. so we hurried and turned on the water to fill it up. and then at 645 the water stopped there wasnt any water in the capilla. WHAT ELSE COULD GO WRONG!, was what we were thinking. the water only came up to my knees so we were worried that it wouldnt be enough but luckily vanesa and her daughter are tiny and so it all worked out great. and there were a lot of members at her baptism and it all turned out great!!!! and the family that gave us the reference was there and it was awesome.
yesterday we had a noche de hogar in the house of a member that lives in a part of our area. The neigborhood reminded me a lot of the states. it was really cool! i dodnt take any pictures sadly! but we had a great time we did divisiones with ricardo and roberto mache and we did a lot of contacts. it was really cool! ricardo is progressing a lot this next week he is going to teach the lesson in young mens! he is so aweosme and now his mom doesn't work sundays and so they both go to church! we talked to his mom yesterday and she said that ricardo was saying to her hurry up mom we are going to be late! haha it was sooo cool. and while ricardo was with my companion he told him that before he met uis he was doing drugs with his friends but no he doesnt do any of that but his friends make fun of him. that is something that he didnt tell us when we were teaching him but im glad that he changed his life around! i was thinking last night that if we wouldnt have found him his life would be soooo diferent! in a year he could be serving a mission, and if we didnt find him in a year he could have been in jail or something worse! its scary to think about! thanks for the info about school! I have been praying really hard about that decision. and i will continue to talk to president about that decision. the good thing is that i got a good chunk of time before i have to make a decision. I love you sooooo much! i am so glad that you always support me!! Love you! Elder Sawyer

Monday, April 16, 2012

April 16, 2012

Dear Mom,

well this week was soo aweosme! Yadi didnt get baptized this week but she has a date for this saturday. on tuesday I was with Elder Paulson our district leader and we had an aweosme experience con yadi. we taught her the plan of salvation. IT was one of the best and most powerful lessons i have had on my mission. we started talking about the premortal life and about the fall of adam and then her sister came in and yadi started explaining everything to her and she was so excited. it was something new for them to hear that the fall of adam was apart of the plan of God. but it made sense to them. and we got to the part about the spirit world and she asked about her uncle that died we told her that he was there. and something crazy is that we felt impressed to explain everything in the plan like the war in heaven which we usually don't, and we also explained that Jesus went to the spirit world and organized the missionary work there and that there are missionaries that are teaching her uncle. it was so cool at the end she started to cry. and we all felt the spirit she told us that jesus loves us so much! and her prayer that she did after was soooo powerful it was soo awesome. she asked us "why didn't we teach her this the first time that we taught her" it was funny we told her that it was necessary that she understand the book of mormon and the restauration first. it was such an aweomse experience.

this week we could have 3 baptisms, we recieved a reference from a memeber and we have been teaching Vanessa and her daughter micaela for 4 weeks and she has been going to church every sunday and she told us on Saturday that she wants to be baptized this week. it was soo cool.

we had entravistas with president this week. That man is sooo awesome I want to be just like him when i grow up!

well I love you allç
Elder Sawyer

Monday, April 9, 2012

P Day in the Center of Lima and Noche de Hogar

Dear Mom,

Well sorry that its a little late we went to the center of lima today and so we are doing internent in the tarde. it was pretty fun we wentto the catacoombas it was pretty fun it was the same as when the last time that we went. we had a goodtime and we wentto mccdonalds it was really good. there is an elder from utah this is his first transfer and we were talking to him in english and getting the scoop on whats going on in the states. his name is elder sines he is a cool kid!

well here we just had the semana santa and on friday, good friday, i guess your not supposed to eat meat only fish on this day and so everyone was asking us so what do the mormons do for semana santa? it got pretty annoying! hahajk we just told them we remember jesus christ.

well we had a noche de hogar yesterday it was sooooo big! there were about 40 people that showed up and 11 people that the members brought it was really coool! I took some pics.

well this week we had a interesting experience with yadi we got to the lesson on thursday. I was praying sooooooooooo hard that we would know what to say. my companion talked about the diference between good things that are in all of the churches and stuff that is true it was really good and i talked about the book of mormon i just remember thinking that she knows that the book of mormon is true, at the end of everything i really felt that we didnt gain any ground but when we were done she told her mom that she is going to be baptized on the 14th and so we were so happy and definately got an answer to our prayers.

we are also teaching a lady whos name is vanessa she is a single mom and is progressing a lot. we talked about repentance with her and we had a really great lesson with her and we really felt the spirit. she is preparing to be baptized.

welll i love all of you guys soo much!!!

elder saywer

Monday, April 2, 2012

Lessons from April General Conference and the Cake

Elder Sawyer and Elder Villalba

Dear Mom,

Thank you for the packages I can't wait to get them!!! I am happy that you got my letter and pics I will do better with sending you guys handwritten letter! Well I will answer your questions first so I don't forget. We don't see llamas all that often. Elder Villalba is 21 and turns 22 on the 13 of July. I think he has 6 in his family. He and his family were baptized in Paraguay like 5 years ago. All of his family got baptized except his older brother who doesn't live with them. He is awesome! He turned a year on Friday. Wow!!! I cant believe we have been together for six months now. That is nuts! You should send him a package from "dear elder" that would make his day!!!! haha

Well thankfully we got to listen to conference in English! It was sooo awesome! And I can't believe that its over for another 6 months! I am so glad that you all got to go! That must have been a really good experience! I liked it all it was a little scary when Elder Holland ended his talk with "We can all repent while the Master of the vineyard says there is still time but "its getting late"! That was crazy! They talked a lot about fathers and how they need to lead the family. I really liked a talk by one of the counselors in the primary presidency. She told a story about a mom and her kids weren't getting along and so she asked her little girl if she wanted to pray and ask Heavenly Father for help. And she didn't want to but the mom taught her about prayer. The little girl prayed and after she started to cry. The mom asked why are you crying. The little girl said she didn't know why. The mom taught her that it was the Holy Ghost. I really like that story. I hope that when I have kids my wife and I can teach our kids good things like that. haha.

There was a great talk from Dieter F. Uchtdorf about perdon(forgiveness) and it was really cool because an inactive family was at that session. Well they have been going to church for the past 4 Sundays. So I don't think they are in active anymore, but the mom is having problems with forgiving people and stuff like that. That talk was perfect for her, and after we talked to them and she said that she really liked that talk. We almost had a bad experience with our bishop on Sunday.

This week we worked with Ricardo 2 days. It was really cool! He worked with us all of the afternoon it was awesome! He told us he wants to go on a mission! AND so in a year and a half he can go on a mission. It was awesome! He really helped us in a couple of lessons with his testimony! We taught a lesson to a girl that is 20. Her name is Yadi( pronounced Jadi) and we have been teaching her for about a month and a half. Her doubt has always been the Libro de Mormon. We went to her house and Ricardo, if youi didn't know him he looks a little rough around the edges, she said he didn't look like he was baptized. She asked why he got baptized. He said he found peace in the church and he knew it was true and that he wants to be a missionary and so that kind of left her quiet. We shared with her a bunch of scriptures in the Book of Mormon about Christ. We asked her if she thought that this book helped her get closer to Him. She said yes and at the end she told us that the first time we came we used an example that the Libro de Mormon was like a cake and that we only need to try it to see if it is good and she said she likes the cake and that it is really good( the book of Mormon). It was really cool she accepted a baptismal date for the 14 of April.

We had a great week! I love you allll soooooo much!!!
Elder Sawyer

Monday, March 26, 2012

A white shirt and a tie

Dear Mom and Family,

Well, I didn't get transferred and I am with Elder Villalba again. So we were happy about that. Wow! We have been companions since October. That is a long time!!!! But it is aweosme and Elder Suntasig got transferred and so now the other missoinaries that live with us are Elder Cano and Elder Mcclure, from AZ!!!! He went to Mesquite and he knows BRETT Sevy. So I'm excited to have an Arizonian with me! Thats tight!!

This Sunday was sooo awesome! Ricardo recieved the sacerdocio, (priesthood). It was soo awesome! He told us last Sunday that he had a interview with the bishop and he wsa worried because he didn't have a tie or a white shirt. And so we told hime that we were goingto go to his house on Monday. So we went on Monday and explained a little about the Priesthood. And I gave him one of my white shirts and Elder villalba gave him a red tie. Itwas so cool!!! He is the best! He is so excited to bless the sacrament! And yesterday when the ward sustained him it was so cool for us to see that!!!! We felt so happy!! And yesterday we had 7 investigators come to church and some that have come for the first time! So that was a rally big blessing for us!

I can't wait for general conference! That is going to be soo fun! I can't believe that we are already at this time of year again! I'm so glad that you guys get to go! That is going to be soo fun! I hope we get to go next year. That is something that i really want to do. Hey, who is Haley going to marry? That is nuts! I can't believe she is getting married.

Well this week we had a really cool experience with Rodrigo. We watched the restoration and it was really cool. And we asked him how he has felt about it this time that we have been teaching him. And he told us that he believes it is true and that it all makes sense to him. And i remember in my experiences when i have prayed to know if everything is true i think my answer was just like that it just all makes sense to me. It is a testimony to me that the spirit works in different ways with everyone and we are probably gong to get an answer in a way that is reallly small. But it is still an answer. We are working with him so he can be baptized the week after conference.

Well, I have started to do some excersizes in the night with Elder Mc Clure we have been jump roping in the night so I hope I will stay skiny and strong. haha.

Hey so question. What is going on with Russia and Iran and israel and the states? I have been seeing a bunch of crazy stuff in the papers.

Well, I hope that you all have a great week! I love you all sooo much!!

ELder Sawyer

Monday, March 19, 2012

March 19, 2012 Another Noche de Hogar

Dear mom
how are you? well the noche de hogar was a success like the other one
that we did it was awesome! i am trying to send some pictures that we
took. it was awesome we did it out side in back of the house of the
hermana pando the mom of medaly jenifer and nicol. it was soo cool we
had a really good time and one girl that we are teaching came. her
name is yadi she had a really good time.

this week on saturday we asked victor if he could help us out and come
with us to soem appointments. we thought it would be good for our
investigators to hear a testimony of someone that just joined the
church and we also thought that it would help victor with his
testimony. we taught yadi and she has a lot of questions about the
book of mormon and it was great to have victor their because some of
the doubts that he had she is having right now. and we also went to
visit a member to plan a little about the noche de hogar and justo the
lady that works for him, he sews t shirts., was their and they were
talking about the church and sowe arrived just in time we got to know
her a little and then we taught her the restoration it was really cool
we had brother coral and victor there to testify with us and she said
that she would pray and read the book of mormon, and something really
cool is that she came to church yesterday and so that was really cool.
Ricardo is going to get the priesthood this week he has a entravista
with the bishop this tuesday and so that is exciting, he was really
excited he told us after church" im going to be able to bless the
sacrament" and while he said it he did a little cross in the air it
was funny me and elder villalba laughed afterward. haha the family
menos activa that we have been teaching came to church this sunday
again and so we are happy for them, they are going through some tough
family stuff and we are really said that they are going throught this,
the dad is a drunk! that pretty much somes it up. oh and rodrigo has a
baptismal date.... again for 31 of march.

well the multizone conference was awesome president talked to us about
the book of mormon and how it combined wit hthe holy ghost is the
instrument mas poderoso that we have for the conversion, it was really
aweoseme and then we talked about faith hope charity and humility and
he asked us which one is most important and we looked up a lot of
scriptures and they all say that we cant have one without the other,
and so we talked about we need to develop all of them at the same time
and we cant have one strong and the others weak they all go hand in

well this week in transfers and we will find out if we get changed
right after internent and so we are a little nervous i really dont
want a change elder villalba is awesome and he is an awesome companion
it will be tought if we have changes.

yes i have seen llamas!
tell ladawn that i say hi to the despain family and jeff!


March 19 Letters to and from Pa and Mommy na

Brother Richard Scott said that Heavenly Father made President Monson
> so big so he would have room for a big heart.
> We are having a great day. Your mother, brother, sister, and aunt suzi
> are here. Suzi is snoring in the chair right now. Your cousin Ben came
> and mad pancakes for us with hot syrup and sausage. Cousin Ben lives
> out on cotton wood wash and has 10 new lab pups.
> We appreciate you serving a mission and the success you are having.
> The spirit that you have in your letters is great. We are very happy
> for your desire to serve a mission and the dilligence that you are
> serving with.
> We ate at the Bistro. It's new and higher class in Pima.
> We enjoy going to the Temple and go twice a week and do sealings.
> Takes all of 5 minutes to get to the temple.
> We are going down to the Valley on Monday to get Grandmas hearing aides
> fixed.
> Love your Grandma and Grandpa!

Dear PA and MOMMY NA,

thank you soo much for writing me! my mom said that you guys wrote me
a letter but i think that it got lost in the mail. Im so glad to hear
that everything is going well in Pima. Im happy that there is a temple
is so close to you so that you can go so reguraly. my mom told me
about when you guys went to the temple with all of your kids, my aunts
and uncles, and did sealings that sounds like an awesome experience i
want to be able to do that with my mom and dad too. well grandpa and
grandma i love you soo much! the work is going great here i am loveing
to mission. i have transfers this week so i dont know where i will be
going. we are excited to get to hear the prophet speek this april!
lVOe you all say hay to the snoring aunt suzi and to all the cousins
and aunts and uncles in pima.
Love Elder Sawyer

March 12, 2012

dear mom,

How are you and the family? this week was pretty awesome we had a baptism. ricardo was baptized on saturday in the morning. it was kinda weird because it was in the morning and all of the other baptisms that we have had have been in the after noon. but is was a really cool experience! his family couldnt make it and the only member that came was roberto mache, he lives in our area and he always works with us he is awesome! so we were sad that there werent any people and that his family couldnt come but it didnt matter much to him. IT was soo cool, he walked in to the church with a HUGE smile on his face!! it is something that as missionaries we always want to see!!! and we had a great baptismal service and he shared his testimony and it was a very good and powerful testimony, we all felt the spirit!

This week we are planning another family home evening in our area it should be really awesome! I hope that we have as much success as we did the last time. this is the last week before the changes and I cant believe that time is going by so fast!!! I hope that i have another change with elder villalba but i dont think that will happen. this week we have a multizone meeting with president and so we are excited for that!!! yesterday in church they announced the general conferance and that was really cool im excited for that!!!

that is awesoem hat youguys got to listen to Elder Groberg that is way awesome that would be soo cool to listen to him speak! Im glad that jared is doing well in pole vault I hope that he keeps up his grades to that he can keep doing it. Im glad that meagan got to go to a cabin and that you are going to the zoo I hope you take pics for me!!!! ITs been a long time since i wrote your guys a hand written letter and so this week i am going to write you a letter im sorry that it has been a long time! I hope that gRandpa sawyer is doing ok, tell him that i love him the next time that you talk to him.
well I love you all im sorry that this letter is really short.

HEY I still want a picture of my room!!!!!!!

March 5, 2011 Working on a yard

a pic of us doing service.

March 5, 2011 Noche de Hogar

Dear Mom,

This week has gone by so fast!! I cant believe that it went by so fast. this week we worked pretty dang hard. we walked so much. we were planning our family home evening inviting everyone and teaching our investigators and we did a lot of contacting, we reached the goal of 70 this week and we found a lot of really awesome people. one day we had 30 contacts in a day because all of our appointments fell through and so we contacted the whole day. and we ended up finding some cool people. well yesterday was an amazing day for us! RODRIGO CAME TO CHURCH! all by himself and he stayed for all 3 hours, and so we were really happy about that! and in the night we had our noche de hogar, it was a huge success!!!!! it was sooo cool. almost all of the families that we invited came! it was so cool we assigned victor cordoba a spiritual thought and he talked about the love that God has for us. and he did an awesome job! and pilar vega, who got baptized in december, and her daughter bore their testimonies and they did amazing, one of the gemelas gave a prayer, it was an awesome experience we felt the spirit and after we played some games andhad a great time. oh... and rodrigo came to the noche de hogar that was really cool he had a great time! i was thinking after wards, why did i forget my camera in my room? i cant believe i didnt have it to take a picture with all of these people. but we are going to di it again in 2 weeks. so then i will get a pic.
well this week we are going to have a baptism, ricardo is a young man of 17 years and he has been progressing a lot. he has been to church 3 times and he is reading and he might even go to seminary if we can find a teacher for our area. he is awesome.

I am so glad that you are doing better and able to ride your bike! keep up the good work mom. it sounds like you are progressing a lot! IT also sounds like you made some awesome food for break the fast!! I wish i was there. say hi to all of the family for me.

WOW moses got married? that is nuts!!! im glad that you got to go to the reception. dallas is leaving in may? that is nuts too! he is going to love it. say hi to them for me!!!

And I love the pics that you sent me of Jared! how cool is that he is going to do great!!!

Well I love you alll!!! I got the package this week and i absolutuely love it i have been eating nutella every day this week! i got it on tuesday and that day i had a work visit with Elder Paulson, from utah, and he also got a package so we took some pics of our packages.

Elder Saywer

February 27, 2012 Victor and Nicol

Dear Mom,

This week we had two baptisms it was soo cool! hermano Vicotor and nicol. it was a really great experience. Its really funny when we first met victor we never thought that he would progress he was a litltle wierd and he liked to drink and we just visited him because it was a reference but we had a couple lessons with him and he started to change and he came to church and after that he started coming to church every sunday and from then on he hasnt missed a sunday, and he brings a noteook to church to write notes. he is a really cool guy the last time we went to his house he asked about callings and he said he would like to be involved so that is really cool. in our area there arent to many men with the priesthood and so we are working with him and next week the bishop is going to interview him to recieve the priesthood.

this next sunday we have planned a family home evening with all of the members in our area in the house of a family. it should be really cool if everyone comes it will be a great experience. we want to fellowship some new members and also so that the members in our area can be more united and get to know one another. we are excited for this family home evening.

well me and my companion are doing well, right now i dont thinkthat we are going to make our cçgoal of baptising every week but wea re going to keep working hard and we will see what happens. Elder Villalba is doing good he laughs at me because everytime that we pass some dogs barking i get a little scared haha.

I havent got my package yet but this week we have a multi zine meeting in the offices so im going to check and see if its there.

Im excited for jared and his track meet!!! that is going to be really fun. Please take pics!!! he looks soo diferent and he has muscles.... what happened to my baby bro?!?!?! haha
and he is super skiny! haha.

Im soooo happy that you are getting on your bike and riding way to go mom!!! I love you soo much and i hope that everything is going well for you guys!!!
this weeek not much has happened only that we had baptisms.

well I love you lots
Elder Sawyer

February 20, 2012 A year mark and a dog bite

Dear mom,

Victors baptism is next week, but he is doing awesome yesterday in priesthood meeting he had a notebook and was taking notes it was really cool! nicol will also be baptized this week her aunt and cousin that we were teaching moved a while back and they found the missionaries and they got baptized this saturday and so they went over there and changed the date. her dad lives in the jungle and she lives with her aunt here in lima.

I havent got the package yet i htink that it will come tomorrow im sure its in the offices but i havent gone to the offices in a while and the zone leaders didnt go this week. the glasses are good and they work, i cant wait to get to try the contacts, how many did you send?

Im glad to hear all that is going on at home that is awesome that bro and sis B are goingto serve a mision! and im glad that chance is doing well in the mtc. I love dads ice cream pic that is soo funny i miss the safeway icecream, and im glad to hear that you are able to ride your bike and that the temple is coming along!

well this week for my year mark i burned my shirt and i sent some pics, i cant believe that i have a year that is crazy, and this week something really funny happened a dog wanted to wish me a happy year mark in the mission and he bit me. haha its a funny story my companion was contacting someone at the door and the dog came out and the lady said that he doesnt bite and so i didnt do anything and the dog was barking at me but wasnt doing anything and then his friend came and they were both like surrrounding me and while i was looking at one dog the other went behind and bit me on the calf. the good thing was that he didnt rip my pants, because i was wearing the pants that you sent me, and there wasnt any blood because he just grabbed me. so everything is fine and after that happend i grabed a big rock and i was going to chuck it at the dog but he had already went inside and the funny thing is my companion was contacting the lady and neither of them sawe what happened. and so that is my funny story for the week.

and now something good... we are teaching a family, family asavache molina, they are so awesome we taught them the plan de salvacion and it was so cool, they had a uncle pass a way and they wanted to know where he went and if theyll see him again, perfect questions for a missionary, and se we explained that they can see him again and we exploained the things they need to do to get to that point, and so we challengedto be baptized they accepted and we talked about marriage and how they want to get married and they want to get married and so if everything works out well they will get married in march and get baptized in march too. it is sooo cool, the mom, sara started to cry and told us how thankful that she was for us coming and teaching her and her family and for the peace that they feel from the things that we are teaching, she told us that we came right when she didnt have any hope and now she just feels peace in her house and the prablems she had with her family are all working out. they came to church yesterday and loved it!!! it was so awesome!!!!

well I love you alll sooo much!!!
Elder Sawyer

February 13, 2012 Happy Year Week


well to answer your questions really fast the goal for appointments is
14 with a member and 10 other lessons without a member. and we have a
goal of 70 contacts in a week. we try really hardto reach the goals
but it doesnt always work out that way we usually have about 10 with a
member and 10 others and with contacts we have been getting 70 for the
last couple weeks. nope havent done any programs in the ward. next
sunday is stake conference and we will find out if we are going to put
a casa capilla in out area. and today we find out if we have changes so
we will see how it goes i am pretty sure that we are going to have
changes but we dont know until after internent.

well this week has been interesting on monday playing soccer i bent
myglasses pretty bad, io got hit in the face with the ball. and sooo
this week my glasses have been with a guy that the mission had fix my
glasses. and so right now i dont hve glasses. but i will get them in
the next couple of days:) haha it has been really interensting to be
in the street without glasses, i am like one of the three blind mice
haha i have to relyon my comp to be my eyes, its a great thing i have
an excelent companion. but dont worry about me everything is fine!

saturday we had a baptism it was realy awesome! micaela a little girl
it was really cool. and we got there early to set up and we had some
extra time and so we decided to go contact some people at the doors of
the church and so we were there for a while talking to people and
inviting them to church on sunday. and guess what.... a little boy
came to church. we contacted him and his dad and there were really
cool and sad we could go to there house one day. and it really
surprised us that someone actually came to church when we just metthem
the day before. and so we passed the direction of the house to the

and on friday we did a service projest in our area we went to a house
that they are starting an orchard on the side of the mountain and we
had to haul water in buckets to alll of the little trees and then the
member that livesthere introduced us to a family that had been
listentign to the missionaries like 3 years ago and theay are really
awesome and they want to get married which is awesome! but we went to
the appointment yesterday... and they werent there:( but its all good
we are going to go during the week to see whats up.
well im glad that you sent me the package! i cant wait ill tell bishop
pedro to keep an eye out for my package. thank you sooo much i love
you all somuch


February 6, 2012


well to answer your questions really fast the goal for appointments is
14 with a member and 10 other lessons without a member. and we have a
goal of 70 contacts in a week. we try really hardto reach the goals
but it doesnt always work out that way we usually have about 10 with a
member and 10 others and with contacts we have been getting 70 for the
last couple weeks. nope havent done any programs in the ward. next
sunday is stake conference and we will find out if we are going to put
a casa capilla in out area. and todaywe find out if we have changes so
we will see how it goes i am pretty sure that we are going to have
changes but we dont know until after internent.

well this week has been interesting on monday playing soccer i bent
myglasses pretty bad, io got hit in the face with the ball. and sooo
this week my glasses have been with a guy that the mission had fix my
glasses. and so right now i dont hve glasses. but i will get them in
the next couple of days:) haha it has been really interensting to be
in the street without glasses, i am like one of the three blind mice
haha i have to relyon my comp to be my eyes, its a great thing i have
an excelent companion. but dont worry about me everything is fine!

saturday we had a baptism it was realy awesome! micaela a little girl
it was really cool. and we got there early to set up and we had some
extra time and so we decided to go contact some people at the doors of
the church and so we were there for a while talking to people and
inviting them to church on sunday. and guess what.... a little boy
came to church. we contacted him and his dad and there were really
cool and sad we could go to there house one day. and it really
surprised us that someone actually came to church when we just metthem
the day before. and so we passed the direction of the house to the

and on friday we did a service projest in our area we went to a house
that they are starting an orchard on the side of the mountain and we
had to haul water in buckets to alll of the little trees and then the
member that livesthere introduced us to a family that had been
listentign to the missionaries like 3 years ago and theay are really
awesome and they want to get married which is awesome! but we went to
the appointment yesterday... and they werent there:( but its all good
we are going to go during the week to see whats up.
well im glad that you sent me the package! i cant wait ill tell bishop
pedro to keep an eye out for my package. thank you sooo much i love
you all somuch


An Earthquake on January 30 2012

On Mon, Jan 30, 2012 at 11:17 AM, Mary Ann Sawyer wrote:
Aunt Bode just called and told me about an earthquake, I hear there is an earthquake. Are you okay?

here in peru? havent heard anything. where in peru? but ya im fine!!! haha

wow!!! nope havent heard anything yet but i am perfectly fine! haha ill let you know if anything is going down. haha or if i die or something hahahahah jk mom dont worry

January 23, 2012 Advice

Dear Mom,
Im sorry about what happened, just read DC 64 verse 10, i think that is what i was thinking, i the lord will forgive whom i shall forgive but of you it is required to forgive all men. Love you.

well this week has been good. we are going to have a baprtism on saturday micaela a little girl that has been to church sooo many times and recently we found out that she hasnt been baptized, and so this sat whe will be baptized. and victor will be baptized later he wants to wait for some of his family to be there at the baptism. and rodrigo.... we are still working on that. haha

we found a less active family this week contacting and they are really cool and want to come back but the mom works on sundays until marchand, but yesterday her dad and son came to church the son is not member but he is really interested. so we are now teaching him. this week is the last week of the change and i think that we might be changed we hve been together for 3 months and we almost have a year and elder villalba is still juinior comp and so i think he is going to move up this changge but it would be cool to have more time together, he is awesome and our area is awesome!

I told meagan not to tell you i had a little flea trouble so thats why she didnt let you read the letter. but the fleas are gone ... for the most part. and we bought some stuff to take care of them! so its good

well im almost out of peanut butter. its so good. i cant wait for the package!!! I love you sooo much!

Elder Sawyer

January 23, 2012 Happy Birthday to Jared

Dear Mom an Family!


I hope that you all had a good time celabating the birthday and the aneversary of grandma and grandpa!!!

that sounds like it was really awesome!!!! i love the experience that you had in the temple with all of your familiy that sounds sooo cool i cant wait when we can all go!!! i was thinking about that the last time that i wentot the temple. I cant wait to go with all of you! the temple is an amazing place.

they changed the rules with the temple we can only go 2 times a year and before it was every 3 months and we could go with our converts but now we cant do any of that. i understand why, we are here for the living and not for the dead, but it stinks. so now i will only go 2 more times before i go home in may and then in november. and right when this rule changed elder ochoa and i were invited to a sealing by hermana magaly the daughter of hermana jovita the lady that cooks for us in faucett. we called president and he said we could go and then the rule changed and he said we couldnt go. that stunk!!!!!!!

well this week we got two baptism dates for the 4th of feb. hermano victor a friend of the family of jenifer and medaly, and a girl of 9 that always goes to church but we didnt know she wasnt member her family are all members but her and so we are preparing her for her baptism.

rodrigo..... he didnt go to church but we have a appontment tonight. we will see what happened we challenged him again he accepted but we need to verify the word of wisdom. but tonight i told him i would share my peanut butter with him. haha

Im excited to hear that the temple will be done in feburary! that means i can go to the dedication and everything!!! have you sent the package yet? i thought of some things that i need, porfavor, and i was also wondering about my line of authority that would be really cool to have can you talk to dad for me?

Elder sawyer

On Mon, Jan 23, 2012 at 9:39 AM, Mary Ann Sawyer wrote:
Dear Elder Jacob Sawyer,

How are you this fine morning? How are things in Peru?

How are Rodrigo and Hmno Obando? I hope they were at church! How are the sisters?

Well, this past weekend, I went to Pima. We celebrated Grandma's and Grandpa's 60th wedding anniversary. Dad couldn't go because he was working. Royce was helping with Tanner and Sarah (she had knee surgery too). Jodi and I left our house at 5 am. It was very, very dark and the sun didn't come up until about 7:30. (So I am thinking it must be light early in Peru?) I was kind of the planner of the event. So when we got there we put a table cloth on and set the table with real dishes, since it was for all of Grandma's and Grandpa's kids and spouses. It looked really nice. Then we all met at the temple to do sealings. (Grandma has a cold right now and Grandpa didn't think she had strength to do a session.) Grandma and Grandpa started out by doing sealings of parents. Then we all got to take turns being a child. Then we let Grandma and Grandpa take a rest. After the sealer asked if we wanted to go to the Celestial Room. It was so incredible. Grandma and Grandpa led us in there and our family and the sister attendant were the only ones in there. It was so incredible!!!! I can not wait until all of us can be in the Celestial Room together!!!!! I told Jared and Meagan that "I live for the day that we can all be in the Celestial room together!" The Spirit was so strong!!! And it all started by Grandpa getting baptized and then someone opening their mouth to invite Grandma to come to church! May I share and open my mouth and invite others to come, come and experience the joy of the gospel!

After Jodi and I picked up food from a mexican restaurant and took it back to Grandma's. We had chicken enchilada casserole, beans and rice (not your dads. they were okay but not as good as dad's. :)) and a salad made by Janine (super YUMMY!!). For desert I made apple pie and black berry cobbler (Grandpa likes black berries) with ice cream and caramel sauce. Hope that didn't make you home sick. Then we all shared memories. EVERYONE asks "How the Missionary is?" Uncle Dan asked about the snakes. We laughed about the snake story again. Oh Jacob, thank you for serving a mission. Your brother and sister look up to you so much. I know it is hard sometimes but like you tell me like I told you NEVER GIVE IN, HUSTLE TO THE VERY END!

I hope your interview with the President remains in your mind. I wish I could have been a fly on the wall. hahaha

Yesterday, we celebrated Jared's birthday with Dad's family. It was fun. Can you believe he is 17???? He is officially as tall as dad. Mercy me!!!! I am becoming a dwarf in our family except...for Meag! hahaha don't tell her that. Jared was gone all evening with his pals on his birthday. He is hoping to try out for track. I hope his grades will allow it. Pray! He is doing so much better and has better motivated friends. The stinker came home with balloons and some girl gave him a CD. I think he might be a bit of a chick magnet! Just kidding. but not. I don't know.

Well dearest Elder Sawyer, I pray, we all pray that you will have success with your companion. Tell me what you are studying and learning. I love to hear your testimony. Don't be stingy with it! I pray the people will know that what you have to share with them is the true and correct path! I pray that the members will be welcoming and everyone will not judge.

I love you!!!! Stay strong!!! Remember who loves you?!?!?! ME!!!

Do your best and Heavenly Father will do the REST!

January 16, 2012

Dear mom,

how are you mom? I pray for you every night that your knee will get better! I hope that you will be able to ride your bike soon!

I cant believe that sarah had knee surgery too, what happened? i hope that she is doing alright! how much time does she need to recover? tell her i love her!

I am so glad that you are magnifying your calling! i hope that alll of these boys get their eagles, starting with jared!!!! let me know if any of these boys has a project harder than my project! my project was really hard but fun!!!!

well this week was a good/bad week. our fechas fell through and they moved, so we dont have baptizms this week. we had interviews with the president that was really cool he is an awesome man! we talked a little about what i want to do when i get back i told him that you didnt tell me about your surgery until after and he said thats not fair because i told you before mine haha. and i told him that i want to go to a community college in az when i get back he said he wont worry about me because there are a lot of good looking lds girls in az it was really funny! and as for rodrigo he came to church this week! and idk if i told you but last week we went to his house and his cousin told us he was drunk and so we taught the word of wisdom the next time we saw him and this sunday he went to church with a nice shirt and with sunday shoes and it was really cool to see that! we will see how things go with him he is definately progressing! this week we are going to challenge him to be baptized! its really awesome to be apart of a grand change that can happen in the lives of the people.

well I love you all!
sorry its a short one this week!
Elder sawyer

The Week January 9, 2012

Buenos Dias!

how is the family? i hope that everyone is doing well!!! today we got the liahonas from the general conference i am so excited to read the talks! we finally got them we had to wait a long time!!!!!!!!!! I remember dad talking about how he would get the liahonas en ingles on his mission and how it was just like candy and that is exactly true when i get the liahonas i just eat it up and read the whole thing cover to cover its awesome!

this week was really awesome we found some new families..... that are married... YAY!!!! and we are working with them so that they can progress. we had a really great lesson with rodrigo this week we had left alma 32 with him to read and he read it and understood a lot of it and we explained to hime that the seed could be compared to him and the book of mormon and how it is growing and there is a verse that says that it becomes delicious to us and we told him that everytime we come we can see it in his face that this scripture is happening with him he really enjoys is and he knows that it is true it was a really awesome experience..... the sad part is that when we went to pick him up to go to church his cousing sad that he had been drinking the night before and he was sleeping it off:( well we know exactly what we are going to teach him this next week the word of wisdom haha. and hermano obando disapeared we think that he had a surgery because he sad that he would be haveing a surgery soon but he didnt know when so we are going to keep knocking on his door until we know whts going on. haha. oh and we have 2 baptisms this 21 of january hermana yoni and yan paul. its spelled like that but it is prunouned jony and john paul. they are family of medaly and jenifer. they are progressing really well yan paul is 9 and yoni is his mom.

well i cant wait to see that movie when i get back! that sounds really good.

well good luck in your new calling! I hope that the scout people can help you get going! i know exactly where you need to start with your calling..... JARED SAWYER. i think he is the next one to get his eagle! hahahaha I love you mom and i know that you can do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dont give up fight until the very end! i think that is how your cheer from cheeleading goes hahaha. not sure.

wow grandma and grandpa have been married 60 years that is awesome!!!

WEll i love everyone and hope that you all have a great week!


January 2, 2012

Hello Family,

how are you guys? well this week has been a great week!we didnt get
changed and im still with elder Villalba so we are happy about that!
and we had a very happynew year and there were more fireworks on new
years thenthere were on christmas it was really cool, buthe next
daythere was so much smog in the air it was gross!!!! but we also
bought a couple little fireworks and we lit them off it was really fun
but i was sooo tired!! i honestly wanted to sleep at 1030 but we ended
up staying awake until the new year and itwas also hard to sloop
because everyone had their music blasting!!! but it was really fun
and we ate anticuchos which is cow heart it is sooooo good! and yes
they postponed fast sunday until next week for us too. and we only had
an hour of church did you guys do the same¿

that is really great im glad that you are visiting grandma and grandpa
tell them that i love them please!! Ihope that all of you had a great
Christmas and a great NEW YEAR!!!!!!!! I wish that i was with you
guys in pima taking down the christmas lights. i remember we all had a
great time serving under the direction of our dear mother, in the
taking down of decorations. haha well I hope that you all are having
an awesome time in Pima!
give grandma a zerbert for me!!!! haha

for christmas and new year we only had sacrament meeting.

I Love you all
Elder Sawyer

On 1/2/12, Mary Ann Sawyer wrote:
> Well, your dear mother appreciates the help! On this trip we discovered
> that Meagan also sleeps, like her Peruvian Brother, with her eyes open.
> Tried to get a picture but it didn't come out. We will try again on the way
> home.
> Your Father, bro and sister aaand yo mama lit off a few fireworks and there
> was a lot of smoke but it cleared quickly.
> Where did you eat breakfast today and what did you eat? (Grandma's question)

i ate yhogurt and bread with my peanut butter. i shared with my companions.

wow i am really surprised that you lit some fireworks I AM SO PROUD OF
YOU MOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! haha

December 26, 2011 A Christmas Card

Hey mom

how are you guys doing? i loved getting to talk to you yesterday that was way awesome i was scared that skype wasnt going to work for a while there but it all worked out really well! well my companionhad some troubles calling his family so today i think we are going to the ofices to call his family and we still dont know if we are getting changed but we will find out soon! well i hope that you have an awesome new year!
Im so glad that you all had a great christmas and have an awesome new year!

i dont have much time left, so when does chance leave for the mission?
i know that this church is true! LOVE YOU ALL!!!
ELder Sawyer

December 19, 2011

Dear Mom!

How is everything going? I hope that your knee is doing better im glad to hear that you can use the bike pedals now!!! I am praying that you will recover fast! I cant believe that it is christmas time it really doesnt feel like it idk why. probably becasue we are working! in our room we have a little christmas tree with lights. it is soooo cool i forgot to take a picture of it. sorry! but the hermana pilar and her husband, who isnt member yet, bought it for us it was soo cool we were like how much do we have to pay you and they told us that it was a gift and we were like no we cant do that we need to pay but then she made us feel bad she sad that her husband would be mad if we didnt accept their gift and so we were like ok hermana esta bien muchas gracias!! hahahaha but its awesome and it is in our room and it has little lights its tight.

this saturday the 24th we have a baptism its awesome! the sister of jenniferthe little girl that got baptized this last week. she has really changed at first she didnt want to come to church but now she loves it and she is going to all of the activities with the twins that we baptized its really awesome.

on saturday while we were in the bus to go to our area a guy started to talk to us he is a member and is inactive for about 2 years, he said that he has an uncle that lives in our area and that we could go visit him. we wentto his house and he let us in and we started to talk to him he isnt a member but his dad was his dad died a couple years back but before he died he took his dad all over, to the church and even to the temple and he would wait for him to come out of the temple. and his dad and his wife served a mission in chile as a couple it really suprised us but it was really cool! we taught him the restauration and he sadi he would come to hcurch, and yesterday we went to go get him and when we got off the bus we started walking to his house and he was already leaving his house to go to the church it was awesome! and also yesterday rodrigo, rememebr rodrigo, he came to church that was awsome! we have some citas con them this week we will see how it goes!

on tuesday we had our dinner with the president it was turkey and mashedpotaoes and salad itwas soo good!!!! i took some pics and the bishop pedro was santa claus hahah i havent got my package im sure its in the offices and this week ill getit.

HEY today i get to call you to coordinate when you are going to call me on christmas!!!!!!! i am going to call you at like 9 or 930 in peru time, so i think that is like at 7 or 730 your time!

ok i love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elder Sawyer

December 12, 2011

Dear Family,

how is everyone? I hope that everyone had a great week. This saturday we had 4 baptisms! is was really cool! Jennifer a little girl with 9 years and camila and natalia with 13 years and hermana pilar with52 years. it was really cool to finally see some fruits from our labor! we had the baptisms at 2pm and we started a little late but is was really cool! and yesterday they recieved the holy ghost. funny story so we were in sacrament meeting and only 3 of the people that were baptized were there in the sacrament meeting jenniferand her family still hadnt arrived. i was getting a little nervous... no a lot nervous! so i was praying really hard that she would come so she could recieve the holy ghost. and luckily there were a lot of announcements and right when the bishop called the girls up to recieve the holy ghost jennifer walked in whith her whole family! I took a big sigh of relief and then I prayed really hard to thank heavenly father for answering my prays.

Now we are teaching the sister of jennifer, medaly, she has 13 años and she came to church for the first time yesterday and she really liked it! we are going to try to put a date for her for the 24th of december.

I have some pics i want to send you but i dont know if i can because the dumb computer wont recognize my camera. sorry maybe next week!

well today is pday and we are going to the beach again that should be fun! and tomorrow we have our zone conference withthe president its the christmas one and we made a skit as a zone and we are going to do some fun stuff tomorrow our zone conference is with 2 other zones! it is going to be fun!

I cant believe that sevy is leaving thats crazy! he is goingto be a good missionary! The mountains could be the andes but really we are still in lima. its really different in az the really rich people live on the mountains and here its the oposite the really poor people live in the mountains. right now it is summer and it is getting hot but its not too bad right now.

Well I love you and ill see you next week!

Love Elder Sawyer