Monday, April 30, 2012

A Transfer

Dear MOM, Well mom..., we found out the changes just now. The zone leaders told us before internent which is really cool! So i can tell you. Well,I'm going to a different area. I'm going to a zone called Santa Isabel. I am so sad that i am going to leave Elder Villalba and all of the wonderful people that we have found and are teaching. But the wierd thing is I am going to be a zone leader. I really don't know how or why. When the zone leaders told us our changes I thought they were lying and I still dont believe them but I gues that it is true. I think that everything will be alright! Well this week was probably one of the best weeks that I have had on my mission. WE FOUND A GOLDEN FAMILY. This lady in our area gave us a reference of Yoseline and Jose. They are 24 and 23 years old and they had listened to the missionaries before and they felt the spirit. They told us that the first time they prayed with the other missionaries they started to cry and they felt soo good. So we taught them about the Book of Mormon and a little about baptism they want to get baptized and we explained that they have to get married first and they are going to do it. They went to church on Suday and they are so excited. And now i have to leave them what a bummer!!!! As for Yadi she said she wants some time to think and so we are going back next week to see how she is doing. I hope that everything is alright with her!! On Sunday, we inherited 3 baptismal dates, the zone leaders had been working in our area and the people came to church and want to get baptized. We have an appointment with them today and we are going to meet them. Me and my companion were talking the other day about when we first came to our area. When we first came, there wasn't anything and the missionaries hadn't baptized hardly anybody in the lastd 6 months. But we came and now we baptize every month. It's so awesome to see the progress in the area and in the people. I know that the Lord has blessed us sooo much! Even tho we really don't deserve it. But i have a firm testimony that if we work hard the Lord will bless us. And it depends on our attitude. If we have a good attitude, it's much easier to work and to have hope and faith that we will have success. When we got here everyone told us " good luck in your area" but in a sarcastic way, we had a great attitude and we had success and I Love this area!! Well, mom I am sorry that you fell on your bike and that the dog chased you. Sometimes we get chased by dogs. It really stinks!!! Sometimes we have to throw rocks at them so that they will leave us alone. It's kinda funny afterwards but in the moment its a little scary, especially if it is un perro grandaso! haha. Im so happpy that Dallas is going to serve a mission! I'm so excited for him he is going to have the time of his life!!! Say hi for me!!! Here are some pictures at Ricardo's.
well I love you all soooo much!!! Love Elder Sawyer

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