Monday, April 16, 2012

April 16, 2012

Dear Mom,

well this week was soo aweosme! Yadi didnt get baptized this week but she has a date for this saturday. on tuesday I was with Elder Paulson our district leader and we had an aweosme experience con yadi. we taught her the plan of salvation. IT was one of the best and most powerful lessons i have had on my mission. we started talking about the premortal life and about the fall of adam and then her sister came in and yadi started explaining everything to her and she was so excited. it was something new for them to hear that the fall of adam was apart of the plan of God. but it made sense to them. and we got to the part about the spirit world and she asked about her uncle that died we told her that he was there. and something crazy is that we felt impressed to explain everything in the plan like the war in heaven which we usually don't, and we also explained that Jesus went to the spirit world and organized the missionary work there and that there are missionaries that are teaching her uncle. it was so cool at the end she started to cry. and we all felt the spirit she told us that jesus loves us so much! and her prayer that she did after was soooo powerful it was soo awesome. she asked us "why didn't we teach her this the first time that we taught her" it was funny we told her that it was necessary that she understand the book of mormon and the restauration first. it was such an aweomse experience.

this week we could have 3 baptisms, we recieved a reference from a memeber and we have been teaching Vanessa and her daughter micaela for 4 weeks and she has been going to church every sunday and she told us on Saturday that she wants to be baptized this week. it was soo cool.

we had entravistas with president this week. That man is sooo awesome I want to be just like him when i grow up!

well I love you allç
Elder Sawyer

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