Monday, April 23, 2012

Dear MOM! how are you doing? well to tell the truth I did have a big headache but it all went away! so that is good! i think it might have been because i got a lot of sun that day. well this week we had 2 baptisms vanesa and her daughter micaela. The baptism was great! We were so happy that we had baptisms. But the prep for the baptism wasnt that fun. we went in the morning to fill up the font and we find it full with dirty water and with mosquitoe larvae in the font. GROSS!!! so we go to empty it and the water was emptying really slowly so we left to go to an appointment and to eat lunch. we get back at like 230 because vanessa had to have an interview with presidente dorius, and we find the font half way full still, the water wouldnt leave! we tried everything and then we just had to empty it with buckets we filled the buckets and dumped the water in the overflow drain.
we got done with cleaning and everything at 6 and the baptism was at 7. so we hurried and turned on the water to fill it up. and then at 645 the water stopped there wasnt any water in the capilla. WHAT ELSE COULD GO WRONG!, was what we were thinking. the water only came up to my knees so we were worried that it wouldnt be enough but luckily vanesa and her daughter are tiny and so it all worked out great. and there were a lot of members at her baptism and it all turned out great!!!! and the family that gave us the reference was there and it was awesome.
yesterday we had a noche de hogar in the house of a member that lives in a part of our area. The neigborhood reminded me a lot of the states. it was really cool! i dodnt take any pictures sadly! but we had a great time we did divisiones with ricardo and roberto mache and we did a lot of contacts. it was really cool! ricardo is progressing a lot this next week he is going to teach the lesson in young mens! he is so aweosme and now his mom doesn't work sundays and so they both go to church! we talked to his mom yesterday and she said that ricardo was saying to her hurry up mom we are going to be late! haha it was sooo cool. and while ricardo was with my companion he told him that before he met uis he was doing drugs with his friends but no he doesnt do any of that but his friends make fun of him. that is something that he didnt tell us when we were teaching him but im glad that he changed his life around! i was thinking last night that if we wouldnt have found him his life would be soooo diferent! in a year he could be serving a mission, and if we didnt find him in a year he could have been in jail or something worse! its scary to think about! thanks for the info about school! I have been praying really hard about that decision. and i will continue to talk to president about that decision. the good thing is that i got a good chunk of time before i have to make a decision. I love you sooooo much! i am so glad that you always support me!! Love you! Elder Sawyer

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