Sunday, February 12, 2012

Cambio de Emergencia October 31 2011

Dear Mom and Family,

First of all.... i got transfered to puente piedra area lomos carabayllo 2. It was a cambio de emergencia. Elder Villalba and I got changed here together. We got changed here because Elder Perez and 2 other sick Elders are going to live in the house of Obispo Pedro so that they can recuperarse. Elder Perez will get his surgery this Wednesday. I got to talk to him in the offices when we got changed. He says he is doing good and that he called his family and all was good. He was really scared to call his family because his grandma has heart problems and he didn't want to make her sick, but he told me that he called them and everything was fine and they are doing really well. I told him about my surgery and that you were really scared but that you felt the spirit saying that I was ok. He was so happy to go back to Faucett in that house. He will get everything that he needs and he will be back to work in no time. He said that he was sad that i had to go but i told him that if it meant that he could go back to get better after his surgery then i was happy to leave.

I cant believe that i was in faucett for 6 months that is crazy. It was so hard to go! I had to say goodbye to a lot of people and it was really hard. but thats how the mission is we go to different places and find new people to love. but this area is sooooo different then faucett. there are 6 missionaries in the ward, and the ward is the bifçggest geographicaly in the mission. our area is the part in the mountain and we have to hike up ervery day. we dont even live in our area we have to take a bus that takes 25 minutes to get there and we have to go back early because after 7 there arent anymore busses. the other night we almost had to walk home haha. but its awesome i am learning what the mission is like here, the people are more humble and we hope more receptive, we will see we have only been here three days. elder villalba and I are both new here and there havent been misionaries for about 3 weeks and so we are trying to contact some people that they were teaching. the good thing is that elder ochoa is my leader de zona and he is in the same ward he is companiions with elder chamberlain from az. so im excited about that!!!

our last week in faucett we found some really awesome people that we know will progress and get baptized we taught this little girl and her mom for the first time and at the end we asked them if they would pray to know if this is true the little girl said I already know that it is true and the mom was crying after the prayer. and we had to leave them for elder hatt and the other elder ochoa. dangit!!! they were awesome but i know we will find people here that are prepared too.

about the eartquake i didnt even feel it. where was it? i think our pensionista said something about there being a tremor but i didnt here much about it. so everything is fine. i didnt feel
Im so HAPPY that you guys did well in your race and that you alll finished the race!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it sounds like it was really tough but guess what that is just how it is life is tough the thing that we have to do is just keep going and fight through everything im so happy for you guys and i hope that you dont stop there and keep riding your bike! and losing weight I love you soo much!!!

tell meagan good luck with here report and that she needs to tell mrs wayne hi for me!
And Jared needs to get his licsence and tell him that i love him!
and Dad tell him have a good time in tucson!
Tell the Wardrops that they are awesome and thank them for all that they have done for me and good luck to Trent in the mission.

Elder Sawyer

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