Sunday, February 12, 2012

November 21, 2011

Dear mom,

WHAT IN THE WORLD IS GOING ON? i got off before you sent me your last email last week so i had no idea that you had a bum knee. ARE YOU OK? why do you have a bum knee? what did you do? MOm im so sorry that you fell! where was jared why didnt he go with you? Im a little disapointed that i didnt know last week! But im really glad that you had a great doctor and that everything went well. Did you get to keep a copy of your surgery? i have mine i need to send that home. its really cool, if you didnt ask chris to give you one. and dont do anything to crazy with out telling me!!!!

ya 32x32 im losing a little weight climbing the hills. so im still 32x32 but make sure they are a relaxed fit haha im a little husky.( like chunky monkey hahaha)

well i sent you some photos one foto is me outside our apartment and you cant tell but its raining its the biggest rain ive seen here in peru but its still just a little sprinkle. and the other is of me and a cuy( guinea pig) our pensionista has cuy and the had babies and that one is about 3 days old. its pretty cool.

we are still teaching rodrigo but he hasnt come to church yet but he said he wants to be baptized on the 10th but he has to come to church first! and this sunday there is a couple that are going to get married and then they can get baptized so well see how that turns out. all there papers are in they just have to go to the municipalidad and theyre hitched! haha

we didnt have cambios so im still here with elder villalba which is really good and we will be here until after christmas and so we are looking forward to that.

Well i love you all a lot! Don't get anymore surgeries anytime soon! haha

Elder Sawyer

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