Monday, October 10, 2011

October 10, 2011

Dear MOm and Family,

So we didnt go to the temple this last week, bummer!!!! because there was a problem with the scheduling the guy who answered the qhone for us was somebody from secuity and he said to come saturday but saturday is the day that all the people from provinces come, they come from the jungle and from parts that are really far away. so we rescheduled and we are going on friday! it should be really great we are going with Jarlis and some other converts and we are bringing some members too. i dont know it we will go to a session but it would be really awesome if we got to do it well see.

yesterday we had a baptism, it was really cool! this little girl, Olenca, is awesome everytime we got to her house she had her pamphlets adn her book of mormon, and in the little books we give people there is a part in the back that has questions and a place to put your answer kinda like a workbook or something, and guess what... she even filled that part out! NO ONE ever does that. haha it was really awesome! the cool thing is that all of her uncles and grandma and great grandma came it was really cool! they are all members but only the grandma and great grandma are active that is the sad thing. all of the other aunts and uncles havent come to church for like 18 years. that is the sad part. but now i hope that her dad comes back to church, he was crying in the baptism service, he wants to come back but he works on sunday and its hard to change his work, this wednesday he is coming to play futbol at the church withthe memebers and so well see how that goes. now the next part is we have to get him and his wife married! haha

my companion is doing good he is kinda up and down one day he is relly happy and the next hes mopping around and a little sad. it kinda ticks me off a little but i need to be patient because he is going through a lot and i need to understand that, next week he will have his surgery i think. he hasnt told his mom anything about the surgery i think that is why he is worrying so much. I think that hell be ok!

I havent recieved the letter from grandma and grandpa yet i dont know why it is talking soooo long ive been waiting for it im sure it will come soon. I hope! and I' ll ask pedro about the package he is the one that picks up the packages so he might know when ill get it. Thank you soooo much for sending it! I love you soooo much.

we had changes this last week and I m still in faucett and my companion is still elder perez. ive been here about 6months and with elder perez i will have been with him for 4 months at the end of this exchange. and ill get to pass my birthday here which is awesome!

I Really enjoy teaching the gospel and I am soo glad that I am able to serve. I know that this chuch is true and I know that joseph smith was a prophet, I feel the power of the story of the first vision every time that we share it. I know that it is true!

I lOve you all and i hope that you look for opportunities to share the gospel
Good luck in your training for your race! its comming up right?

Love Elder SAWYER

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