Monday, October 10, 2011

September 12, 2011

Good Morning Mother,
I hope you had a safe trip to st george and that all of the family is doing good even tho im sure everyone is sad that aunt pearl passed away. that was a shock to me. but its something that comes to everyone. and it is so great to know that this is not the end and there is a plan and that we will see each other again! when did you find out that she passed aways?

well... im glad that you all had a good time in meagans orchestra retreat and im glad that they all played well, and that meagan stuck with the violin! im also really happy that you are still goofy! hahaha i wouldnt have it any other way! i hope that you never change that!

well this week has been good but we got some bad news that elder perez has to get surgery again on his knee but what we are going to do is he is going to go to more thereapy to strengthen his muscles so that the recovery isnt as long and hopefully he wont have to go home but we will see and so he has been a little down about that. things will get better.

elder ochoa and elder hatt had some baptisms this weekend and guess what happened.... we get to the church and we find that there are people cleaning the tank that holds the water for the baptism font and the water that is coming out is really dirty. why they did it on a saturday in the afternoon i have no idea!!!!!!!! but we had to fill the baptismal font with a hose and it toodk forever but we finally got it filled and all went well!

This week we have 5 baptisms they are the kids that dont show up in the system and this week we will be busy all week preparing these kids for their baptism its going to be a good week. and this week we have our zone conference and it should be really good! we are really excited for it! and today we are going to a zoo and it has all the different animals from the different parts of peru it is going to be really fun i will send some pics next week.!

and i havent finished the book of mormon yet i kinda got side tracked and started reading the other books in the missionary library our heritage and search for happiness they are both really good and i finished them both but i need to get focused on the book of mormon again.

hey a question for you did you send me this latest missionary news letter? and have you sent me the package yet? My birthday is coming up and i would like to ask for a volleyball and a rubix cube and another wash clothe, i lost one of the ones i came with i think it got lost in the wash but they dont sell them here.
Well i realy hope that all is going well with everyone and have a great week!

well i love you all so much

Elder Sawyer

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