Monday, October 10, 2011

September 26, 2011

How are you all doing? wow i cant believe that meagan and jared went to homecoming that is kkinda scary haha. i hope they had a great time. they have definately changed in the last 7 months jared is a lot skinnier and meagan looks older. i hope they had a great time! and i hardly recognized the front room it looks a lot diferent from the little part i saw in the picture.

How is the training for the big race going? and no i havent tried ceviche because as missionaries it is a rule that we cant eat it because it is raw fish that is cooked in lemon juice. they dont want us to get sick. and i have my journal still but it has been a little while since i have written in it i need to get back on track with that. but sometimes there just isnt enough time in the day to get all of that in. and thats cool that Elder hatt has a blog too he is pretty cool he spent 24 hours with me he was doing a exchange for 1 day it was fun! he is from canada, i think it is really funny because he doesnt like when people call him gringo he thinks that only gringos are from the USA idk he is still a gringo.

so my companion had his first baptism yesterday it was awesome i was so proud of him! im training him and so the other missionaries call him my son and i am his dad its kinda funny, my litttle boy is growing up! hahaha but it is for sure that he has to get surgery, and he might have to go back to costa rica the recovery time for his surgery is like 2 months its really hard, he doesnt want to go home, he was supposed to enter the ccm in febuaray the same time as me but he had to get surgery on his knee so he came in june, and now he has to get another. he is having a tough time right now but he always puts a smile on and is really trying to just go to work. i really hope that he doesnt have to go home.

Right now we are teaching hermana concession and she has a daughter that is member and she wanted to get baptized but now she is having some doubts and its sad but some of the memebers have been saying mean things about her and its not cool and so we are trying to work with her on getting over her fears and doubts. we are also teaching a family where the father is member but he got baptized when he was 14 and then he didnt go to church and his spouse( they arent married) and their daughter who is 11. they are really awesoeme adn yesterday they all came to church except the dad jesus, because he has to work, but roxana the spouse really like the church and olenca the girl has been coming for a few weeks now and now we are cordinating olencas baptizm and hopefully the matromonio of roxana and jesus. they are awesome!!!

today we are going to play volleyball and we made shirts, they look dumb, but it is not too bad, it should be really fun im excited to play volleyball. they play volleyball a lot down here but we arent really aloud to play except for pday. i miss volleyball a lot! it was so fun playing vball with my friends my senior year!! im gaining weight and its really funny! they call me gordito sometimes haha i hope im not too fat when i come back to play volleyball.

i am always praying for you guys! and i know that our heavenly father has a plan for us and that if we live the gospel then the trials that we WILL have will be easier to bear. I know that church is true! I hope that you guys are sharing the best thing that we have to share, the gospel, with your friends and that you are looking for opportunities to share this amazing message with others, i really wish i would have opened my mouth more when i was at home!

I love you soooo much!
Elde Sawyer

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