Monday, October 3, 2011

August 15, 2011

Dear Family,

I hope you all are doing well! Im glad to hear that meagan gave a talk and that she did really well! sonds like you guys had a fun sunday! we did too sundays are always really crazy in our ward everyone wants to talk to us and we need to talk to different people. we have been teaching this guys named cesar loiza and we is really awesome he is dating a returned sister missionary and he has been coming to church almost everyweek but the problem is that he lives in another ward but he really likes it in our ward and so we have been teaching him on sundays in the chapel after meetings. and he accepted a baptismal date for the 27 of august its awesome! he was afraid to get baptised because he wanted to know more about the scriptures and he thought he had to be pretty much perfect to be baptized. and he was unsure. but we showed him some scriptures in alma and also helaman 5:12 because this says if we buid our life on the rock of the savior we cant fall and we promised him that he would have the strength to push forward and that he wouldnt fall. and we asked him how can we build our lifes on the lord, and the answer is being baptized. it was really awesome and he is an awesome guys and he and his girlfriend are going to get married soon and that is also really cool!

Im glad that Harry and Brooks did a good job and that you were able to go to there farewells they are awesome! and im glad that you saw brian and vee tooo! they are all awesome people and i hope you said hi for me. has jared got his lisence yet haha

youll never gues what happend to us while we were writing on the internet all of a sudden the power went out and I lost my letter to the president but luckily i had just started and i didnt loose this leter to you. hahaha

Me and my companion are doing good we are learning a lot and we have found some awessome families that want to listen to us. last night we followed up on a contact that we had the day before and the old lady that had answered the door on saturday said she wasnt interested and she was catholic. so we returened yesterday and a little girl answered the door and we told her who were were and if she could call her mama and she came back and said we could come in, we were kinda shocked but excited at the same time. it was a big family that was living in this 4 story house, and they all listened to us. we taught them about the restoration, and they really liked it! they started saying how they didnt like how the catholic chrch worshipped saints and that they really liked what we were talking about and that we teniamos razon. it was so awesome it seems like latesly every sunday that we have had we have found a new family to teach. its a testimony to me that there are peope here that are prepared for us we just have to find them.

I love that you guys already bout me a car so that i can drive it when i get home!!!!! haha im joking. but that s awesome! it looks nice! BUt i dont like that somebody put crud in the trailblazer. tell them to watch out when i come back! haha

Tell Grandma and Grandpa i love them and to get better. I hope they are doing alright.

Tomorrow we are going to the temple Its going to be awesome! and on the 24th we are going to lesten to an apotle Niel L anderson i cannot wait our mission and lima central y lima sur will all be there it is going to be awesome!!!! this month is awesome the temple and then an apostle and then in october we have conference i cant believethat it is so soon! time flies!!!
I love you guys sooo much!!! say hi to harry and brooks for me and tell them goodluck on the mish, have you heard about cody yet?

Elder sawyer

PS elder ochoa had another operation he was peeing blood and i guessthere was something wrong with his bladder and so they operated but he is doing great now!!!!

Sorry this is out of order.

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