Monday, October 3, 2011

General Conference in Peru


Thats soooo awesome that Terri got BAPTIZED!!!!! i was thinking about that reciently i was asking to my self, when is she going to get baptized?
Im so glad that she was able to do that i am soo excited tell her hi for me on facebook or something! that is soo cool!

I cant believe Duke died! that is soo sad! tell sonia and Austin and the whole family hi for me! I still rememeber that day like it was yesterday, they i was sleeping over and they put us both on the couch and they said that they had a surprise for us we were getting excited and we were waiting and then Duke just ran into the room. then i stood up and duke got scared and ran away it was soooo funny. I have some Great memories with that wonderful family Tell them I love them Mom!

Conference was soooooo awesome i cant believe that it is already over it went by sooo fast! we were talking about it all week and then it came and went. and now we are waiting for the liahona that has all of the talks! I loved that they talked soo much about Peru! We got to watch it in english it was so cool, what a treat to be able to watch it in English. we brought a tv into the stake presidents room and they hooked it up for us and so the 4 gringos in my zone got to watch it in english, we bought some chocalate milk and oreos and stuff to share while we watched it! It waas soo fun! And when they talked about Peru we got a little crazy! It was kinda like going to a high school sports event we would say/ yell " YA Peru, we are in peru right now" or " thats our president!" haha dont worry we were still able to feel the spirit we were just so excited. I'm so glad that you were able to watch conference and that jared and dad went to priesthood meeting and to baskin robins i was thinking about that while i was watching it, and i was remembering the good times we had gong to baskin robbins. it was cool that we were all watching it at the same time! ME IN PERU AND YOU GUYS IN AZ!

The work is coming along well, this Sunday we have a baptism. On Saturday, we are taking some converts to the temple to do baptisms for the dead. We won't do baptisms but we are bringing members to help them and we are going to a session. It is going to be awesome!!!!! Yesterday it was my comps birthday. So i bought him, on saturday, a 3 liter bottle of coke and a thing of ketchup becuse he loves those things so much! It was soo funny we woke up and he went to take a shower and while he was in the shower me and the other elders got eggs and when he got out we hit him withthe eggs it was sooooo funny!!! the eggs got everywhere and it was a big mess but we cleaned it up dont worry mom! haha it was a really great day and then after conference we went to a memebers house and they made a cake for him it was really fun! It cheered my companion up a lot!!!! Either this week or next week he will have his surgery and so we are hoping for the best!!! He is worried about calling his mom. He doesn't want her to worry but I think it will be alright.

You should ask Dr Johnson where in callao he served! I hope tha Ryan is doing well!

That's awexome that cody got his visa. Did he have to serve in the states for a week or something or did he just stay in the MTC?

Im so glad that you are still training and that everything is going well with you guys i can t wait for my package! keep up the good work and keep me posted on everything. this week we have exchanges but i am 98% positive that i will be staying in faucett with elder perez, because the bishop knows the changes like a week before and he told us but it sould change. but i dont think so. those are the blessings of living with the bishop!!!!! haha steven mosiah is doing great and getting fatter and he has a lot of hair on his head, he just turned 2 months I can't beleve that time is going by so fast.

Love you All
Elder Sawyer

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