Monday, October 10, 2011

September 19, 2011

Dear Mom and Family,

Como Estan? this week has been a pretty awesome week.first we went to the zoo for Pday that was really fun and we saw a bunch of different types of animals from peru. and some of them are Very INTERESTING! haha. it feels like Pdays go by a heck of a lot faster than the other days, but all the days go by realy fast! there were soo many parrots in the zoo! and i have alot of pics but i dont think i have time to send them all to you right now. so next pday.

we changed times to go to internent because the site that we use to write president is being weird and we think it is because when we are using the page the other missionaries in the other parts of the world are using it too and so there are problems. so it is just an hour earlier.

Its is starting to get warmer, the sun actually came out the other day haha. and im not wearing my sweater as much anymore. so while you guys are going into fall we are going into spring, how weird. Well this week we were really busy preparing everyone for there baptism, we had 5 yesterday and the other elders had 4 it was really awesome. and i need to get the pics from yesterday from elder hatt so ill send them next week, but there were a lot of people atr the baptism it almost looked like a sacrament meeting it was really an awesome experience. All of these kids are active but some of them there parents arent active so we are activating them, we have a lot of work here in barrio faucett and thats the way we like it! Yesterday we had stake conference, all of peru had stake conference. and guess who spoke, elder ganzalez de the presidencia de los setenta elder christofferson a apostle sister beck president of the relief society, and .....the prophet. we listened to it via satalite it was really awesome and the whole thing was on missionaries and how the lord needs more missionoaries and a lot of it was also on how that missionaries need to return and get married and so i guess i know what im going to do when i get back haha theyve been talking about that a lot lately, in the last conference too haha. I cant believe that general conference is almost here it comes so fast! it will be another great experience.

Im really glad that you had a great time in t george and that you saw leann and kim wow i havent seen them in a LONG time! wow that brings back some good memories! thats awesome that they have their family now. wow time flies! Make sure to tell the m Hi for me on facebook or something!

I hope all goes well in the job thingy! ill pray that you dont have to work on sundays, that is really important to be able to go to church! I hope that all goes well with the homecoming dance! make sure to send me some picks! hey so have you aleaddy sent my Package????? when did you send it?????'

I love you ALL

Elder sawyer

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