Monday, October 3, 2011

A trip to the Temple August 22, 2011

Dear mom,

The temple was awesome! it had been 4 months since i had been and it was really awesme to go back and partake of the spirit there. it was all in spanish of course and this time i could understand mostly all of it!!! it was really cool! it was really cool it helped me remeber that everything has an eternal perspective and this time that i went i stayed a good while in the celestial room just thingking about stuff and i was thinking about our family and how it will be soo cool to enter the temple with all of you and with our future families. it was really cool! i love the feeling at the temple and im glad that we get to go to the temple, because in other places they dont get to go to the temple.

on wednesday we will get to hear elder neil l anderson and i cant wait to hear that! it is going to be awesome!!! and i think that i will see elder quiroga because we are going with the south and the central missions. so that will be oool. but we had cambios and elder ochoa is going somewhere else to be leader de zona so im a little sad about that but its ok we will still have a good time in the house with 4 missionaries. elder haught is coming and he is from canada.

the work is going good we are finding new people we just need some baptisms now. we have a date for this saturday and i hope everything goes well but well see, he didnt come to church this sunday and so i am realy sad but i hope everything is alright with him. and we are waiting on permisos de some niƱos and we have some familiesthat are interested and we just need to teach them and see how thingsgo.

oh but elder ochoa it turns out had cancer in his bladder, everything is fine and they took it out but he has to do some treatment and everything is fine and he can serve his mission. the babys name is steven mosiah he is awesome and he was a little sick he was throwing up blood but everything is fine and i think it was a problem withthe milk or something on that side of everything you probably know whats going on more than i do, with your experience.

tell grandma that i am waiting for their letter and i love you guys and

i love you and hope everything is alright!
Elder Sawyer

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