Monday, October 10, 2011

September 5, 2011

Dear mom,

How have you been? how was your birthday? im glad that you are training! It's awesome just keep it up! and remember that it really doesnt matter how fast you go it just matters that you finish! keep it up mom!!! i love you!!!

The past couple of days my comp had been a little sick with the cold/flu and he was kinda getting bad. so he took some pills and we rested yesterday and today he is a lot better and we are ready for this week of work!!!

Yesterday we had about 20 investigators in the church it was awesome we had some new people and also some people that are menos activos that came it was a good day! and this month we are preparing people to get baptized there are like 10 kids that dont show up in the system and so they have to be baptized again and we are teaching them again. obispo pedro said its a good chance to strengthen there testimonies and to look for there needs because all of them are going into the young men and womens programs this year and so they could use a little boost haha.

and also we found a guy who hasnt been to church in like 15 years and we are reactivating him and teaching and preparing his family for baptism. we still have to work with them a little bt they are really awesome.

so how are all of you guys? for reals! how is jareds arm? but i know that everything will be alright! im glad that you all have good health and that the kids are getting settled into school!

love you Elder Sawyer!

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