Wednesday, March 30, 2011

First day of teaching

Hey mom,
thank you for the email!!! when i read that Aunt yvonne passed away i wanted to cry, but youre right she is happier where she is right now. i loved them so much. and then when i read where my friends are going i got really excited for them! we will all come back and speak spanish to each other. And Ryan to Oregon. cool!

we went proselytting on saturday and that was the coolest experience ever!! we went with Elder Prince from utah, he was born in AZ and is related to some judds you probably know some haha. he had about 3 months to go until he returned home. It was awesome to learn from him he was awesom. he said my spanish was pretty good, he said when he first got out he could only say that the book of mormon was true and in a really bad gringo accent. and now he speaks like a native. so i think that there is hope for me. we knocked on a lot of doors and 4 families let us cme in and teach them. the first one was a mom and her 3 little kids and we thought that they were leaving but we decided to talk to them anyways. they llet us in and we taught them about the book of mormon and i think that she felt something it went really well. i was pretty scared but i taught a little bit. we asked them if they knew anyone else that would like to hear our message and they said that theyre neighors would like to hear it so we went upstairs to theyre vecinos and it was a man and his son, the son brian was 15 and he was so tall! we taught them a little about families and about the restoration and i told the part about joseph smith and the spirit was really strong that story brings the spirit. the 3rd people that we taught, i think it was the maid that opened the door and let us in and then we taught her a little bit and then the owner of the house came and we taught him too. it went well and we gave them a book of mormon but genisis, the maid, was catholic and she didnt know anything about prophets in the bible and i thought that was a little odd. the last guys was really cool. we taught him about the restoration and he was catholic he asked if we had any saints or anything that we pray to we told him we only pray to God. it was really cool because he said he didnt like how the catholic chuch had all of these saints and he thought that we should only pray to God. and a lot of the other stuff that we talked about he was in agreement with and it just maid sense to him it was really cool. i think that we was really interested in the book of mormon. his name was jose antonio, me and elder quiroga pretty much taught that lesson and the missionary jumped in every once in a while but i think that it was a big accomplishment that we taught most of that lesson. im getting a new companion today he is from guatemala he hasnt arrived yet and we are going on a tour of lima at 12 so ill take some pics and send them next week. thanks for your pics i really enjoyed them. oh and i met and elder from nicaragua and he knew trevor ward, i thought that was really cool!!! i promise to write a bigger letter next time im sorry. i havent recieved your letters but im hoping they come some time this week.

elder sawyer

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