Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A new companion and a tour of Lima in the fog

Hey mom and fam!
I finally got your letters last wednesday and i sent some letters to you on monday. and tell sonia i sent their family one too. and hermana boza is my teacher here she said shed find our facebooks and say hi. and i guess she went to the same mission at the same time as bj, i thought that was pretty cool!!! Our tour was awesome! he went to the beach and we saw a ruin but it really wasnt that impressive( the ruin). it was so fogggy at the beach! we couldnt even se the water at some places. it was nuts!! i guess its foggy because its fall here. the weather is nice its kinda like california, its not hot at all but it gets a little humid. Conference was awesome we got to watch it in english! thank goodness it wouldnt be the same if i couldnt here their actual voices, next time itll be in spanish tho. i liked elder johnsons talk aswell, i thouldt it was all awesome, and i also liked the talk about that rugby player that chose to go on a mission and he said something like the joy i get from bringing people to the gospel and sharing the gospel is greater than anything that he left behind! i really liked that! my new companions name is Elder Donis he is from guatemala he is awesome and we are getting to know each other and learning to teach together. i think that we will make a good team. i have been blessed to have awesome companions that have strong testimonies and are willing to help me with the language. i met some people going to my mission, finally, im the only gringo but they are all so exited to go to the west mission, i love it! THERE IS an elder from uruguay that said he thinks he knows zach, i thought that was pretty cool!!! its funny how different people in different countries speak spanish so differently, i couldnt reallyy understand this elder at first because the "ll" is a "sh" in uruguay, it threw me off. im so glad i decided to serve!!

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