Monday, April 11, 2011

April 3, 2011

Dear Dad,
I watched the Priesthood session last night and it reminded me of when all three of us would go to watch it at the Stake Center and then go get ice cream. Thank you for doing that with us. I will always have those memories. I hope that you and Jared were able to go last night. We watched it in English, I think that that'll be the only time on my mission that I'll watch it in English. I was really excited for Conference and it's going by so fast. I wish I would have payed more attention to it last time before I left. I really liked Neil L. Anderson's talk in Priesthood Session. He told a story at about a Rugby player that decided to serve a mission and the missionary said that the "Blessing of bringing others to the gospel far out weighs anything I left behind". I definitely feel that way and I'm excited to get out in the field and serve. I met like 10 other missionaries going to my mission, finally. I thought that I'd be the only missionary. But I'm the only Gringo.
There is a missionary from Uruguay. He said that he thinks he knows Zach. I thought that was pretty cool, but he said stuff like "Sayo" as "Sashyo" and "capilla" as "capisha". It was funny I couldn't really understand him as well as others. It was funny! So now I know what your were talking about with the "ll" as "zh".

Elder Sawyer

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