Monday, April 25, 2011

In response to Brother Donovan's phone call

Jacob email: He told me that he'd call you. I knew that you would like that! I didnt' get to email last week because p-day is on Mondays in the field. I told him that you'd probably cry when he called you hahah. Love you mom!

My email: Actually, I held it together pretty good until the end. But when I was telling Dad, Meag and Jar about it, YES! I lost it! It was awesome though to hear that you are doing well.

Jacob email: Hahaha! Ya, it is definitely the real life now, it's not practice! And I definitely need to improve more!!! (side note) if things stay the same, I think that I'm going to come back a little gordito. hahaha The food is awesome! but in different places it's different and I'm walking more so maybe not!

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