Wednesday, April 20, 2011

No e-mail today but .... a tender mercy.

Today Jacob is expected to head out to the field. We expected an e-mail all day. I checked all day and hoped to receive one at any minute. So I sat down at the computer to check the e-mail for the 2000th time today but no e-mail. So I wrote him an e-mail about going to the Easter Pageant at the Mesa Arizona Temple. Just as I was pushing the send, the phone rang. It said "LDS Church Main" with an 801 prefix. I said "Hello". The male voice on the other end said "Sister Sawyer?" I said "Yes?" Then "This is Jerry Donovan and I just wanted to you to know that I saw your son last week when I was in Peru on business and he is doing well. I saw him and his companion on a bench at the MTC there studying there discussions in 85 degree weather." Come to find out that Brother Donovan is the Main Controller for the church and had been down to the CCM in Peru. He said he likes to call parents when he sees their son or daughter in his many travels. Let me tell you, this phone call was such a blessing and peace of mind. Jacob told him that he is eating well and doing well. What more could we hope for? Truly a tender mercy!
We are praying that he continues to be well and he is heading out to the field to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ! We are ever grateful for Jacob's choice to serve a mission!

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