Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Hi everyone,
How is everyone doing? thanks for the emails it was awesome to read them! and to see the pictures that you sent. i have some more pics but i think ill send them next week. this is my last week in the ccm and its going by fast! but we are still learning a lot. im excited to leave but at the same time im sad because im leaving some really good friends who are going all over and serving the lord. we did not go proselytting last sat because they had elections on sat and everyone is doing that and it might have got a little crazy. but we go out this sat, im excited! however we found out yesterday that my companion and the rest our his district is leaving on friday for their mission in ecuador because elder nash, the area authourity is doing a tour of that mission and he wants them their, Elder Nash is awesome by the way, he came to our sacrament meeting a couple of times and he has an awesome testimony!! so i think that we might be put with some other latino district this sat which will be different because we have never taught with them before but im sure that itll be fine if we have the spirit with us! i read dads email and i really liked it! i find that when we practice teaching i forget all about my worries, and i think that will help me in the field. i think that it is awesome that you did the march of dimes walk! im happy for you and miss you all. Dang i cant believe that highland took last in the brophy tournament!!! hopefully they get it together!! and i think that i gave most people my address to my mission and so ill get harrys mail on tuesday hopefully. hopefully being the key word! haha

oh futbol is going well the first three weeks i was goaly but the last 3 weeks ive been playing forward i think and i scored 7 goals i thinkthat is pretty goood for a gringo. and i bought some stuff i want to send to you guys so ill send it when im in the feild. love you!!

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