Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A little under the weather

Hey Guys what's up? I've been sick the last couple of days and that pretty much sucks!!!! just a stuffy nose and a cough but it's no bueno! I took some pics of our first temple walk and i'm going to mail them to you today. they're pretty good. It takes about like 3 days for my pictures to print so that's why i didn't send any last time. I got my travel plans the other day so that I can go to peru. It turns out that I am leaving as planned on the 9th. I leave at like 6:55am and i fly to Atlanta and then from there I fly to Peru and I will arive around 12pm Bleh! but hopefully i sleep the whole way!!! There are two elders in my district leaving on the same day to the Peru Mtc but we are on different flights ...!! they are pretty funny guys. There is another Elder on my Floor that is from Peru and I showed him the map and he pointed out where he was from. he lived in Lima but not in my mission he lived on the south end. He told me that there were a lot of Robbers and that i should be careful with my wallet and camera and to never cary more money than i need. That kinda freaked me out but I think it'll be alright i'll just teach them the gospel in my Broken spanish haha. I'm so excited to finally leave!! I love the MTC but we do the same thing everyday and i'm ready for a change! that probably sounds bad! but i didn't mean it that way. I got your package, it came on sat. but i didn't get it till monday because the post office closed early on sat and it wasn't open on sunday. I LOVE THE COOKIES!!! They made my day!! It's snowed a couple times since i've been here, i miss the weather in AZ, but i haven't had to use my heavy coat yet. I read some of the eamails that you sent me but i only have 30 min so i mostly just skimmed. some of the elders that are going to mexico are getting reasigned because there visas aren't in yet. but i don't think that will happen to my companion because he doesn't leave for like 8 more weeks. Being sick sucks! but we had an awesome fireside on sunday about "Turbulance" and some missionaries shared what they were going through and being sick is nothing to what they are going through. there was one elder who's parents were thinking about getting a divorce before he left, i felt so bad for him! and otheres had trouble with the language and some of the usual stuff. But his advice was to CHILL OUT! and that's what coach vee has basically been telling us for 4 years" Suck it up" so i'm used to it. we started to teach in spanish already, the first lesson only. We taught a lesson to some elders in another district that has been here like 2 weeks more that us. I felt pretty good about my spanish, i felt that we were on the same level as the elders that had been there longer. atleast the elders that we taught. This week the biggest thing that i've learned is how to focus my study. I learned that i should focus my study on one thing, our investigators, or while in the MTC our fake Investigators. haha I learned to simplify my lessons so that i can give the lesson in like 20 to 30 min. I think that after what i learned this week i will be more productive with my study and i will learn a lot more. I Love you all! and Look forward to hearing from you this week! Let me know how everything is going!

Elder Sawyer

I replied that he needs to get rid of the s...ks word.

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  1. Sorry to her Elder Sawyer isn't feeling well. He will be up and flying to Peru before you know it. Like next week. Wow!