Saturday, March 19, 2011

March 13, 2011

Dear Family,

Well it's Sunday afternoon and I have some free time so I thought I'd write you guys. It's awesome here. It's summer still and so it's hot and humid but it's not too bad. It cools down in the evening and mornings. The CCM is muy bonita. There's a little courtyard in the middle and there is a basketball court and there is a really nice Cancha de fu'tboll with Astro turf. That is what everyone does during physical time. It's fun but I'm getting sunburned playing out in the sun with my short hair.

The food is amazing. I haven't had anything that I haven't liked. It's all good. We eat a lot of rice, always white, with some kind of meat, there is always some kind of soup and appetizer, either a salad or a torta and there is always some kind of potatoes and some kind or dessert. There is always some kind of jugo. Sometimes it's good and sometimes it's weird. Like they had Cantaloupe juice. It was nasty but it's probably because I don't like cantaloupes.

I think I'm learning Spanish pretty fast. I can understand most of what my companions are saying, but I can understand everything my teachers say because they speak slowly. My companions are always willing to help. I say "Como se dice eso?" and they tell me what it is and I write it down.

We went to the TRC and it's different here. In Provo, we go to different rooms and we all teach but here we go into a room and we watch 2 or 3 companionships teach. All in Spanish and they had me translate into English for the Norte Americanos. They have headphones so that they can know what is going on. Well you'll get my e-mail before you get this letter. But I Love you all!!!

~Elder Sawyer

PS-The return address is the address to the CCM so you don't have to use the pouch. And don't send packages to the CCM. It costs a butt load. If you do, just send them to my mission address.

We got this letter today! We think that is pretty fast! We love how he busts into Spanish every now and then. Spending time with his Abi when he was a little chapirito has paid off. He has now been out more than a month. It has really flown for us and I think it is flying for him. We are very grateful for the opportunity he has to serve.

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