Thursday, March 10, 2011

First Day in Peru and...a hair cut!

hey since this is my first day here i get to email again. sweet!!
it felt like yesterday i was on a plane all day. that's probably because i was! well when we finally got to lima things got a bit interesting. i forgot my backpack on the plane and so me and my companions had to go to the delta counter and have someone bring it up. but we also forgot to pick up our bags at the baggage claim so they had to escort us back through security and they had to search us but we finally got back there and we had to wait in a long line because elder estrada lost his bag so we had to fill out some papers. so we ended up not getting here till 230am. we unloaded our stuff off the bus and went strait to our rooms to sleep. my comanions name is elder quiroga he is from argentina. he has a different accent and its hard to understand but i think ill pick it up. we still had to get up at 630 and we had breakfast at 7 and then we had interviews with the presidency and we had to fill out some paperwork and give them our passports and then... they shaved our heads. i like my headshaved so i´m not complaining. today we pretty much have all day to get acclimated to lima we can take naps and unpack and stuff. then tonight i think we have a welcome fireside. we just ate lunch and i had some kind of meat and rice with bread and some kinda root or potatoe it twas pretty darn good. but i have to be carefull because if you don´t clean your plate you get some dirty looks. we were told when we got here that the food might not agree with us so, we should eat more rice or drink more juice depending on which side of the spectrum you are on. haha its definately different from the united states, but i think i´m going to like it.they gave us some addresses that you can send mail to:
Elder jacob levi sawyer
lima west mission
av. melgarejo 159.
urb. campo verde
la molina, lima, peru.
everything is great here and i cant wait to start my journey here. i can see why people have described this place as a prison the walls are really high. but its definately a lot newer than the one in provo. my pdays are on wednesday so i thinks thats when i can email you again. and on mondays are when mail goes out. its summer here so i´m breaking out the short sleeve shirts, its hot! i´m so glad i got to talk to you guys yesterday. i love you all and i´ll talk to you later. wish me luck with espaƱol. haha
-Elder Sawyer

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