Thursday, March 10, 2011

Getting ready to head to Peru!

I got a letter from the stevens and they sent pics it was sweet!
On Tue, Mar 8, 2011 at 1:35 PM, Jacob Sawyer
Hey Everyone,
Well i'm not sick anymore i got over it pretty fast. I'm getting ready to head out for Peru tomorrow i already have my laundry done and everything. I just need to pack. i'm going to try to call you before i leave salt Lake, hopefully around 8, but if not i'll call you when i get to ATL before i go to Peru. I guess i'll figure it out tomorrow, i'll just call mom's cell. Well this week has been bomb! we taught the first lesson in spanish in the Training Center, where members come and we teach them lessons. it went pretty good for the first time, i felt like we were teaching a lesson and not an investigator but we talked about it and we definately learned from it and we'll do better next time! It's going to be hard to say goodbye to my companions and my district, Elder Namazi went home this week, he had to let his knee recover and hopefully he can come back out. it was hard to say goodbye, I feel like these Elders are part of my family now! One of them is coming to the MTC in Peru with me so that will be fun! I got your package and it was awesome!!!!! I loved it i;ll probably open the sparkling cider tonight before i leave. I don't think that it will come that fast anymore now that i'm going to be out of the country for the first time. So make sure you tell cody the new address for Peru, I think that is going to be a little tricky i hope that dear Elder knows that i'm going to be in Peru so they can send me all your letters. Sunday was pretty awesome, the missionaries that leave this week all got up and sang " yo se que vive mi senor" it was soooooo good and Powerful. i didn't sing because i still wasn't sure if i was for sure going and they had already practiced and stuff. but the Branch Pres thought it was amazing and powerfull so he had us audition for the musical number at the farewell devotional for all of the missionaries that left this week. and he popped his head into our classroom and told me that they needed me he must have been guided by the spirit or something because i'm not a good singer but that song definately means a lot to me now it was so awesome! they ended up letting us sing even tho we were supper late on auditioning. I'm so glad that the Branch Pres told me to come with them, He is an awesome man!! His name is President Craig he video taped us singing when we were practicing and he said he'd put it on Facebook so hopefully you can find him so you can see it, he used to be the mission president for the Tempe mission in AZ. This week in class we watched this talk given by Elder Holland " the miracle of a mission" or something like that. It was given a long time ago but it's awesome because it still applies today. He is so gung-ho about missionary work and that's exactly the way it should be, This is the Lords Time! He said it's going to be hard But why should it be easy because soo many people have payed such a high price for this church to be on this earth and The Savior has paid a greater price then them all. No Body ever said it'd be easy! But he also said that It's going to be t he best Time of my life and it'll take hard work but it'll be the best work i've ever done.I truly believe that! I know that this is where i'm supposed to be and if i didn't go i'd have so many regrets. That's another thing that's been a big theme at most of the devotionals, DON'T leave this work with ANY regrets! I had an interview with one of my Teachers HErmano Quintana and he said to make the best of it while i'm here, because where i'm at right now and the work i'm doing and the people i'm here with, this will never happen again! I 'm so greatful for everything that's happened to me this week i've grown so much! I hope i continue to grow. I hope all of this makes sense, i've been typing like a mad man to try to get this done in 30 min. If i forget anything ill send a letter home. I love you all! Thank you for supporting me on this Journey!
Elder Jacob Sawyer

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